Silverberg Heart Attack

Bob Silverberg suffered an heart attack while in London on October 29 for the World Fantasy Con. Silverberg was taken to hospital, from which he was expected to be released on the afternoon of October 31. Pat Cadigan and Chris Fowler provided support for Silverberg and his wife Karen Haber. According to Silverberg, “Was a nasty event but I have been nicely repaired and feel fine now. Pity to have to miss the con but I hope to see you all in London next summer.”

SMOFCon Scholarships

CanSMOF has announced the award of this year’s two scholarships to attend SMOFCon 31 in Toronto, Canada the weekend of December 6-8. Each winner will receive C$500 to help defray the cost of attending the convention. Jenni Merrifield of Port Moody, BC will receive the award for a Canadian attendee and Pablo M.A Vazquez III of Austin, TX will receive the award available to any con-runner throughout the world.

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Obituary: William Harrison

Author and screenwriter William Harrison (b. 1933) died on October 22. Harrison wrote 9 novels and more than 50 short stories. Many of his science fiction short stories appeared in the slicks and he was best known for the story “Roller Ball Murder,” which first appeared in Esquire. Harrison twice adapted the short story for film, both times under the title Rollerball. He also wrote the film Mountains of the Moon about the Speke-Burton African expedition.

Obituary: Jon Locke

Actor Jon Locke (b. 1927) died on October 19. Best known for his appearances in more than 200 westerns, Locke occasionally appeared in genre works. Locke appeared in the series Land of the Lost as a Sleestack leader, and episode of The Bionic Woman, and the films Years of the Beast and Transylvania Twist.

Obituary: Lou Scheimer

Producer Lou Scheimer (b. 1928) died on October 17. Scheimer worked on numerous animated films and television series, many of which were science fiction and fantasy related. Some of animated is shows included Star Trek, She-Ra: Princess of Power, Ghostbusters, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and Flash Gordon. He also produced the live action Shazam! and Isis. His last film was the feature Happily Ever After.

Heinlein Considered for Hall of Fame

The Missouri State House is running an internet poll for inductees into the Missouri Hall of Fame. Science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein is one of the ten names up for consideration. The list includes politicians, artists, golfers, musicians, doctors, and suffragettes. The Missouri Hall of Fame was begun in 1982 with the induction of Mark Twain. In 2012, three individuals were inducted into the Hall. Inductees are represented by a bust in the Missouri Capitol.

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Free Bradbury in Waukegan

The Waukegan Public Library handed out free copies of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 prior to an event in which three authors read from banned books at Waukegan’s Genesee Theatre for this year’s Eighth Annual Ray Bradbury Storytelling Festival. The first one hundred attendees received a copy of Bradbury’s novel which were recovered from Bradbury’s garage after the author’s death in 2012. The festival also sees the start of the 30th Annual Ray Bradbury Creative Contest.
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Simon & Schuster Go Science Fiction

Simon and Schuster has announced the launch of a new science fiction line, as yet unnamed. Joe Monti, an agent at the Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency will serve as the line’s executive editor. The line will be overseen by the VP of S&S’s Young Adult line, but is envisioned as being for all audiences. The current plan is to launch in Spring 2015 with an hardcover published each month, although they may release a few books in late 2014.
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Obituary: Andrea Dubnick

Fan and editor Andrea Dubnick (b. 1950) died on October 21. Dubnick was active in the SCA as Sonya of Prague and helped coordinate the Twilight Tales reading series at Chicago’s Red Lion pub for several years, including editing at least on collection of stories by readers, Tales from the Red Lion. In 2000, she shared a Bram Stoker nomination with Tina Jens for their work on Twilight Tales.

Obituary: Frank Dietz

Fan and editor Frank Dietz died in mid-October. Dietz was one of the founding members (and President) of the Lunarians in 1956. Over the years, he published the fanzines Luna, Luna Monthly, and Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. He published the daily newsletter for the Cinvention. He served on the concom for Lunacon from 1957 through 1971 and in 2007, he was the Fan Guest of Honor at Lunacon 50. Dietz was also an esteemed member of the Order of St. Fantony. In 1958, he and George Nims Raybin filed a lawsuit against Dave Kyle over funds from the 1956 NYCon.