Kurd Laßwitz Winners

The winners for this year’s Kurd Laßwitz award for science fiction published in Germany have been announced.

  • Best German Science-Fiction Novel: Das Schiff, by Andreas Brandhorst
  • Best German Short Story: “Was geschieht dem Licht am Ende des Tunnels?” by Karsten Kruschel
  • Best Foreign Science-Fiction Book (translated into German): Seveneves, by Neal Stephenson
  • Best Science-Fiction Translation: Eva Bauche-Eppers for the translation of China Miéville: Das Gleismeer (Railsea)
  • Best Cover Picture or Illustration: Dirk Berger for the cover of Nova 23
  • Best German Audio Play: Sale, by Georg Heinzen
  • Special Award for Extraordinary Achievements (One time): Hannes Riffel & Sascha Mamczak & the Golkonda-Team for continuing their science-fiction yearbook
  • Special Award for Extraordinary Achievements (Over years): Roger Murmann & Christian de Ahna & Birgit Fischer & Kurt Zelt for 30 years of Buchmessecon

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