Spectrum Live Remains in KC

Despite an earlier announcement that Spectrum Fantastic Art Live would move to San Francisco in 2017, Arnie Fenner has now stated that the art and illustration would remain in Kansas City, taking place on April 21-23.
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Space Travel Linked to Heart Disease

Research indicated that the Apollo astronauts, who are the only humans to travel beyond the protective magnetic shielding of Earth, have an increased level of death from cardiovascular problems compared to astronauts who have never flown in space or who have only flown in Low Earth Orbit. The study looked at the 24 Apollo astronauts (including those who died of cancer and accidents) and compared them to 70 other astronauts, divided equally between unflown and LEO astronauts.
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RITA Award Winners

The RITA and Golden Heart Awards were presented by the Romance Writers of America at their annual convention in San Diego. The RITA is presented for novel and the Golden Heart is presented for short fiction. Winners of genre interest are listed below.

  • RITA for Paranormal Romance: Must Love Chainmail, by Angela Quarles
  • Golden Heart for Paranormal Romance: “Don’t Call Me Cupcake,” by Tara Sheets

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Munsey Award Winner

Laurie Powers has been named the winner of the Munsey Award, presented to a person who has given of himself for the betterment of the pulp community. The winners are selected by a vote of all living Lamont, Munsey, and Rusty Award winners. Powers published a biography of her grandfather, author Paul S. Powers, in 2007 and later arranged for the donation of his papers to Ohio State University. In addition, David Saunders received a Lamont Award, which had previously been retired, for his cataloging of his father’s artwork and other pulp illustrators.
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Wellman Award Winner

The North Carolina Speculative Fiction Foundation announced the winner of the third Manly Wade Wellman Award at ConGregate on July 16. The award recognizes outstanding works of speculative fiction by North Carolina authors and is voted on by members of North Carolina SF cons. The winner is John G. Hartness, for his novel Raising Hell.
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Clarion West Instructor Line Up

Clarion West has announced the line up for their 2017 Summer Session, to be held in Seattle from June 18 – 28, 2017. Each of the authors will teach for one week. The instructors include Daryl Gregory, Kij Johnson, John Chu, Connie Willis, Daniel José Older, and Pat Cadigan.
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Obituary: Michael Liebmann

Filker Michael Liebmann died on July 26. Liebmann founded GAFilk in 1999. In addition, he has sold filk music. Liebmann provided voicework for several audio Star Trek projects, including Star Trek: Outpost, Star Trek: Valkyrie, and Star Trek: Grissom, in the last of which he portrayed a character named Dr. Michael Liebmann.

Tor Names Associate Publishers

Tor Books has announced that Patrick Nielsen Hayden will be promoted to Associate Publisher. In addition, Devi Pillai will join Tor as an Associate Publisher. Nielsen Hayden has worked at Tor in various editorial positions for the past 28 years. Pillai joins Tor from Orbit US, which she has worked for the past several years. In addition, Linda Quinton has been named Publisher of Forge Books. Quinton was previously Associate Publisher and Vice President of marketing for Tor/Forge.
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Australia Wins Quidditch World Cup

Australia has won the third biennial Quidditch World Cup with a score in the final of 150-130. The Australian Dropbears beat the defending champion US National team in Frankfurt, Germany. This is the first time a country other than the US has won the Quidditch World Cup.
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Dr. Dann

Jack Dann has announced that he has successfully defended his dissertation, Shadows in the Stone and a Study of Historical Divergence, and it was accepted on July 23, allowing him to affix Dr. and Ph.D. to his name as he sees fit.