Obituary: Dave Kyle

Fan Dave Kyle (b.1919) died on September 18 following complications from an endoscopy. Kyle was one of the original Furturians and wrote and disseminated the famed yellow pamphlet that led to the first Exclusion Act. He chaired Nycon II, the 1956 Worldcon and the following year chartered a plane to the London Worldcon for his honeymoon. He founded the Knight of The Order of Saint Fantony in 1961, was awarded the Big Heart Award in 1973, and was fan guest of honor at Constellation, the 1983 Worldcon. With Martin Greenberg, he founded early science fiction hardcover publishing company Gnome Press in 1948.

Obituary: W.P. Kinsella

Canadian author W.P. Kinsella (b.1935) died on September 16. While Kinsella’s name is synonymous with baseball fiction, many of his stories and novels, including The Iowa Baseball Confederacy, “The Last Pennant Before Armageddon,” “Fred Noonan Flying Services,” and Shoeless Joe, which formed the basis for Field of Dreams, contained fantastic elements.

Sunburst Award Winners

The 2016 Sunburst Award winners have been announced. The Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic is a juried award given to a Canadian writer for a book length work of SF. The prize comes with a hand-crafted medallion and Can$1,000. The jurors for the 2016 award were Timothy Anderson, Sylvia Bérard, Virginia O’Dine, Dale Sproule, and Myna Wallin.

  • Sunburst Award: Experimental Film, by Gemma Files
  • Sunburst Young Adult Award: An Inheritance of Ashes, by Leah Bobet
  • Sunburst Short Fiction Award: “Hide and Seek,” by Catherine MacLeod

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Obituary: Brian Lewis

Washington area fan Brian Lewis died on September 7. Lewis was active in WSFA (Washington Science Fiction Association), serving as a Trustee, and attended conventions in the Virginia/Washington/Maryland area.

Obituary: Peter Bromley

Gamer Peter Bromley (b.1956) died on September 2. Bromley helped found Mayfair Games in 1981, working as a game designer and product developer. He also assisted in art direction, marketing, sales, and shipping. Bromley remained active in Mayfair Games until his death. His extensive collection of early adventure games, including early war games, role playing games, and collectible card games is now in the collection of the National Museum of Play.

Obituary: Leslie Martinson

Director Leslie Martinson (b.1915) died on September 3. Martinson directed episodes of numerous sf/f television series in the 1960s and 70s, including Fantasy Island, Wonder Woman, Manimal, Small Wonder, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, The Six Million Dollar Man, and The Bionic Woman. Martinson also directed several episodes of Batman and was the director on the film Batman: The Movie.

Parsec Award Winners

The winners of the Parsec Awards for Podcasts were presented at Dragoncon on September 4.

  • Best Speculative Fiction Comedy/Parody Podcast: Improvised Star Trek: “The Voyages of the USS Sisyphus,” by Christopher Rathjen and the USS Sisyphus Cast & Crew (Improvised)
  • Best Podcast about Speculative Fiction Content Creation: The Journeyman Writer, by Alastair Stephens
  • Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (Specific): Verity Podcast, by Deborah Stanish, Erika Ensign, Katrina Griffiths, L.M. Myles, Lynne M. Thomas, Tansy Rayner Roberts
  • Best Speculative Fiction Magazine or Anthology Podcast: The Uncanny Magazine Podcast, by Lynne M. Thomas, Michael Damian Thomas, Erika Ensign, & Steven Schapansky
  • Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast (General): The Incomparable, by Jason Snell
  • Best Fact Behind the Fiction Podcast: Universe Today’s Guide to Space, hosted by Fraser Cain
  • Best Speculative Fiction Video Story: The Ultimate Nerd-ament, by Grant Baciocco & Russ Walko
  • Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team: Uncanny County, by Todd Faulkner & Alison Crane
  • Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Long Form): Uncanny County, by Todd Faulkner & Alison Crane
  • Best Speculative Fiction Story: Large Cast (Long Form): Reading Out Loud: “Property Damage Claim #1-1403986,” by Ryan P. Duke
  • Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Long Form): After the Plague, by Mike Bennett
  • Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Short Form): Tales to Terrify: “Graves,” by Justin Cawthorne
  • Best Speculative Fiction Story: Large Cast (Short Form): The Voice of Free Planet X: “Oddfellows Local,” by Jared Axelrod
  • Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Short Form): The Galaxy Quest Restoration Project: “Balance of Darkness,” by David A. Mackenzie

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Eugie Award Winner

“The Long Goodnight of Violet Wild” by Catherynne M. Valente was announced as the winner of the first Eugie Award. The award is presented for a story that is irreplaceable, that inspires, enlightens, and entertains. It is named for Nebula Award winning author Eugie Foster and the winner was announced at Dragon Con, which Foster worked on.

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Dragon Award Winners

Dragon Con has announced the winners for the first Dragon Awards. Anyone was eligible to vote with a valid e-mail address.

  • Best Science Fiction Novel: Somewhither: A Tale of the Unwitheriing Realm, by John C. Wright
  • Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranormal): Son of the Black Sword, by Larry Correia
  • Best Young Adult / Middle Grade Novel: The Shepherd’s Crown, by Terry Pratchett
  • Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel: Hell’s Foundations Quiver, by David Weber
  • Best Alternate History Novel: League of Dragons, by Naomi Novik
  • Best Apocalyptic Novel: Ctrl Alt Revolt!, by Nick Cole
  • Best Horror Novel: Souldancer, by Brian Niemeier
  • Best Comic Book: Ms. Marvel
  • Best Graphic Novel: The Sandman: Overture, by Neil Gaiman
  • Best Science Fiction or Fantasy TV Series: Game of Thrones
  • Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie: The Martian
  • Best Science Fiction or Fantasy PC / Console Game: Fallout 4, by Bethesda Softworks
  • Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Mobile Game: Fallout Shelter, by Bethesda Softworks
  • Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Board Game: Pandemic: Legacy, by ZMan Games
  • Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures / Collectible Card / Role-Playing Game: Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game (7th Edition), by Chaosium Inc.

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Obituary: Jon Polito

Actor Jon Polito (b.1950) died on September 1. Polito starred in the series The Chronicle, based on Mark Sumner’s News from the Edge series and appeared in films including The Rocketeer, C.H.U.D., and Highlander. Polito also had a busy career providing voicework for a range of animated television series.