SFWA Named Jane Yolen Grand Master

SFWA has announced the Jane Yolen has been named the next Damon Knight Grand Master, to be inducted at the 2017 SFWA Nebula Conference in Pittsburgh the weekend of May 18-21. Yolen has published novels for juvenile, young adult and adult readers, as well as short fiction, picture books, and poetry as well as edited several anthologies. In 1986, her short story “Sister Emily’s Lightship” received a Nebula Award, as did her novelette “Lost Girls” in 1997.
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Obituary: Ron Glass

Actor Ron Glass (b.1945) died on November 26. Best known for his role as Detective Harris on Barney Miller, Glass entered the consciousness of science fiction fans and a younger generation for his portrayal of Shephard Derrial Book on Firefly and in the film Serenity. He also portrayed Loken in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager and Dr. Streiten in episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

2017 GUFF Candidates

Donna Maree Hanson, Sam Hawke, Belle McQuattie, and Alexandra Pierce & Alisa Krasnostein are this year’s candidates for GUFF, the Get-Up-and-Over Fan Fund. The winner of the race will travel from Australasia to Europe for Worldcon 75, next year’s Worldcon in Helsinki. GUFF is not limited by geography, so anyone may vote.
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Conrunner Donation

Satellite 4, the 2014 Eastercon, has announced a donation of £1,000 to Conrunner, a UK con-running convention. The funds will be used to provide at least three bursaries, including membership in Conrunner. The deadline for the initial submissions is December 18. Conrunner is scheduled to take place the weekend of February 10-12 in Nottingham.
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Helsinki Co-Chair Resigns

Crystal Huff, one of the co-chairs of Worldcon 75, to be held next year in Helsinki, Finland, has announced her resignation as co-chair, noting that she will remain active in the convention in a different role. Huff cited work and family as reasons for stepping down from the position. She has been instrumental over the past four years of representing the bid and the convention throughout the United States and working to make it a reality. Jukka Halme remains at the sole chair of the convention.

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Analog & Asimov’s Change Schedule

Analog and Asimov’s Magazines, both published by Dell, have announced that beginning in January 2017, they will publish on a bimonthly schedule. Each issue will be sixteen pages longer than their current double-issues. The Magazines currently have been publishing ten issues a year (including two double issues).

Obituary: Tom Neyman

Actor Tom Neyman (b.1935) died on November 13. Neyman played the Master in the cult classic Manos: The Hands of Fate and its sequel, Manos Returns. Manos: The Hands of Fate is considered by many to be one of the worst films made, and was deemed such by Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Obituary: Robert Vaughn

Actor Robert Vaughn (b.1932) died on November 11. Vaughn portrayed Napoleon Solo on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and also appeared in The Magnificent Seven. His genre roles included Superman III, Battle Beyond the Stars, Ray Bradbury Theatre, and Men Into Space.


Dungeons and Dragons has been announced as one of three toys or games inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in the 2016 class. The other two inductees include the swing and Fisher Price’s Little People. The Toy Hall of Fame is located at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, N.Y. Dungeons and Dragons was introduced in 1974 and is currently owned by Wizards of the Coast.
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Obituary: Wil Baden

Fan Wil Baden (b.1928) died on November 9. Baden was the father of Los Angeles fan Chaz Boston Baden. In addition to raising a fan, Baden was a fan himself and in 1939 was taken by his father to the first World Science Fiction Convention in New York, one of the last two surviving attendees of that event.