Sidewise Nominations

The Sidewise Award nominees have been announced. Presented to recognize excellence in alternate history and named for Murray Leinster’s 1934 short story “Sidewise in Time,” the winners will be announced in August.

Short Form

    “The Danish Crutch,” by Anna Belfrage
    “Treasure Fleet,” by Daniel Benson
    “Twilight of the Mesozoic Moon,” by Brent A. Harris & Ricardo Victoria
    “The Battle of London Bridge,” by G. K. Holloway
    “What If the Jewish State Had Been Established in East Africa,” by Adam Rovner
    Pirate Utopia,” by Bruce Sterling

Long Form

    Acts of the Assassins (a.k.a. The Apostle Killer, by Richard Beard
    Underground Airlines, by Ben Winters
    Azanian Bridges, by Nick Wood

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