Pegasus Nominations

The finalists for the 2017 Pegasus Award have been announced. On-line voting is open to anyone with an interest in the filk community until October 15. The winners will be announced at Ohio Valley Filk Festival the weekend of October 20-22.

Best Filk Song

  • “The Girl Who Couldn’t Even,” by The PDX Broadsides
  • “Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine,” by Mich Sampson & Marilisa Valtazanou
  • “Pagenant Legend,” by Katy Dröge-Macdonald & Ju Honisch
  • “Scarlet Town,” by Cathy McManamon
  • “We Are Who We Are,” by Michelle Dockrey & Tony Fabris

Best Classic Filk Song

  • “Alligator in the House,” Betsy Tinney, Cade Tinney, & S.J. Tucker
  • “The Evil Eyeball,” by Sibylle Machat
  • “Small Grief in Little Pieces,” by Phil Allcock & Talis Kimberley
  • “Small Designs,” by Barry Childs-Helton
  • “Vor,” by Bill Sutton

Best Performer

  • Chris Conway
  • Tim Griffin
  • Leslie Hudson
  • Judi Miller
  • Vixy & Tony

Best Writer/Composer

  • Ju Honisch
  • Jordin Kare
  • Cathy McManamon
  • Benjamin Newman
  • Andrew Ross

Best Horror Song

  • “The Dark Man,” by Paul Kwinn
  • “Dear Gina,” by Seanan McGuire
  • “Hello Stranger,” by Erica Neely
  • “Hellraiser,” by Tom Smith
  • “Mina’s Song,” by Zander Nyrond

Best Perky Song

  • “Chocolate Is a Vegetable,” by Graham Leathers
  • “Everybody Hates Elves,” by Kari Maaren
  • “Nathan Fillion (Please Take Off Your Pants),” by The PDX Broadsides
  • “Perky Goth,” by W. Randy Hoffman
  • “What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone?,” by Carla Ulbrich

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