Hurricane Irma Kills Moon Tree

A sycamore tree planted from a seed which had been carried on the Apollo 14 mission and planted at Cape Canaveral on June 25, 1976 was killed during hurricane Irma on September 10,2017. The seed was part of an early experiment to discover it micro-gravity would have an impact on seeds when they were planted. The trees from seeds flown on the mission, from a variety of different species, were indistinguishable from trees grown from seeds which had not flown in micro-gravity.
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1956 Hugo Nominees

The full nomination ballot for the 1956 Hugo Awards has been found by Olav Rokne who discovered the listing in the third progress report issued by NYCon II. The ballot is listed below. The winners appear first in each category.

Best Novel

  • Double Star, by Robert A. Heinlein
  • Call Him Dead, by Eric Frank Russell
  • End of Eternity, by Isaac Asimov
  • Not this August, by Cyril Kornbluth
  • The Long Tomorrow, by Leigh Brackett

Best Novelette

  • “Exploration Team,” (alt: “Combat Team”) by Murray Leinster
  • “A Gun for Dinosaur,” by L. Sprague de Camp
  • “Brightside Crossing,” by Alan Nourse
  • “Home There’s No Returning,” by Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore
  • “Legwork,” by Eric Frank Russell
  • “The Assistant Self,” by P.L. Wallace
  • “The End of Summer,” by Algis Budrys
  • “Who?,” by Theodore Sturgeon

Best Short Story

  • “The Star,” by Arthur C. Clarke
  • “End as a World,” by F.L. Wallace
  • “King of the Hill,” by James Blish
  • “Nobody Bothers Gus,” by Algis Budrys
  • “The Game of Rat and Dragon,” by Cordwainer Smith
  • “The Dragon,” by Ray Bradbury
  • “Spy Story,” by Robert Sheckley
  • “Twink,” by Theodore Sturgeon

Best Professional Magazine

    No shortlist of finalists was published in this category. The ballot instructions read “Pro mag names must be written in.”

Best Professional Artist

  • Frank Kelly Freas
  • Chesley Bonestell
  • Ed Emshwiller
  • Virgil Finlay
  • Mel Hunter
  • Edward Valigursky

Best Fanzine

  • Inside, edited by Ron Smith
  • (Science Fiction Advertiser, edited by Ron Smith)*
  • A Bas
  • Fantasy-Times
  • Grue
  • Hyphen
  • Oblique
  • Peon
  • Psychotic-SF Review
  • Skyhook
    *Science Fiction Advertiser was not listed among the finalists on the ballot; however, the ballot for this year included spaces for write-in votes.

Best Feature Writer

  • Willy Ley
  • L. Sprague de Camp
  • Robert A. Madle
  • Rog Phillips
  • R.S. Richardson

Best Book Reviewer

  • Damon Knight
  • Henry Bott
  • F. Schyler Miller
  • Anthony Boucher
  • Groff Conklin
  • Villers Gerson
  • Floyd Gale
  • Hans Stefan Santesson

Most Promising New Author

  • Robert Silverberg
  • Harlan Ellison
  • Frank Herbert
  • Henry Still

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Obituary: Baron Dave Romm

Fan Dave E Romm (b.1955) died around September 15/6. Dave was active in Minneapolis fandom and was an avid photographer, taking pictures of various Minicons and other conventions he was able to get to. He traveled to Antarctic in 2005 and wrote about his experience in Argentus. He also hosted Shockwave Radio Theatre on KFAI-AM and archived the podcasts on his website. Romm became a baron of the micro-country of Ladonia in 2001.

Obituary: Harry Dean Stanton

Actor Harry Dean Stanton (b.1926) died on September 15. Stanton’s first role was in an episode of Inner Sanctum in 1954. Although he then appeared in several westerns, he eventually returned to genre, appearing in Escape from New York, Repo Man, and Alien. He also had a cameo on The Avengers.

Pournelle Memorial Service

A public memorial service for Jerry Pournelle will be held on Saturday, September 16 at Noon Pacific time a St. Frances de Sales Church, 13368 Valleyheart Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA.

Obituary: Francis Xavier Atencio

Disney animator Francis Xavier Atencio (b.1919) died on September 10. Known as X, he first began working at Disney in 1938, when he was 18. His first work appeared on screen in Pinocchio and he was later assigned to be an assistant animator on Fantasia. His first on-screen credit was for the Oscar winning Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom. After working on the animated sequences of Mary Poppins, X began to word for WED Enterprises, where he developed music and dialogue for rides including Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion.

Obituary: Len Wein

Comic book writer Len Wein (b.1948) died on September 10. Wein co-creasted the characters Wolverine, Storm, and Swamp Thing. In addition, he worked on numerous other comcis for both DX and Marvel. He served as the editor in chief for Marvel’s color-comics line in 1974 and later served as editor in chief for Disney Comics. Wein was married to Christine Valada. He was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2008, won the Inkpot Award and the Comic Fan Art Award for Pro Writer and Comic Buyer’s Guide Fan Award for Best Editor.

Lunacon on Haitus

The Lunarians, the parent organization for Lunacon, have announced the decision not to hold Lunacon in 2018. The convention previously cancelled the 2015 convention, but held “creatively successful” conventions in 2016 and 2017. Lunarian President Stu Hellinger has stated that Lunacon needs to undergo a complete reevaluation of what it should provide the community. The first Lunacon was held in 1957.

Obituary: Jerry Pournelle

Author Jerry Pournelle (b.1933) died on September 8. Pournelle won the first John W. Campbell Award for Best New Author in 1973, the same year he published his first novel and was elected President of SFWA. In addition to his own novels, he co-wrote many novels with Larry Niven, often with other authors as well, including Inferno, The Mote in God’s Eye, and Lucifer’s Hammer. The novel Fallen Angels, which he co-wrote with Niven and Michael F. Flynn, received the Seiun and Prometheus Awards. Pournelle also edited several anthology series, including War World, which allowed other authors to write in his universe, and There Will Be War.

Hank Reinhardt Award

This year’s Hank Reinhardt Award was presented to Jennifer Liang. The Reinhardt Award is given out each year to a Georgian author, artist, or fan who has made outstanding contributions to the genre. Liang is the chair of JordanCon and serves at the Director of the High Fantasy Track at Dragon Con. She has also served as President of the Southern Fandom Confederation. The Award has been presented since 1990, when it was called the Georgia Fandom Award and given to Hank Reinhardt. The name was changed in 2009 to further honor Reinhardt, who died in 2007.