Borderlands Buys Store

Borderlands Books has raised $1.9 million in loans from supporters which will allow them to purchase a building on Haight Street in San Francisco to serve as its permanent home. Alan Beatts nearly had to close the store in 2015, but was rescued when he began selling store sponsorships, raising enough that he had a surplus. He decided to use the surplus to make a downpayment on a building and crowdsourced a fundraiser to raise the rest of the money needed. It took 18 days.
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Obituary: Ben Solon

Chicago Fan Ben Solon (b.1946) died on October 26. In addition to attending Chicago area conventions, Solon published the fanzine Nyarlathotep. Solon helped stock the consuite for Ditto 14 in Bloomington, IL in 2001.

Obituary: Michael Satran

Game designer Michael Satran died on October 28 from a brain tumor. Satan Began gaming in 1979 and worked as a designer for Hero Systems, publishing several sourcebooks and modules for the Champions system. He also created the Iron Sky RPG.

Obituary: John Mollo

Costume designer John Mollo (b.1931) died on October 25. Mollo entered movies as an historical consultant. In 1976, he designed the costumes for Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader, among others based on the artwork of Ralph MacQuarrie for Star Wars. He also worked on the costumes for Alien, The Empire Strikes Back, and Outland. He won two Academy Awards for his costume design for Star Wars and Gandhi.

Pegasus Awards

The winners for the 2017 Pegasus Award were announced at Ohio Valley Filk Festival on October 21.

  • Best Horror Song: “Dear Gina,” by Seanan McGuire
  • Best Perky Song: “Chocolate is a Vegetable,” by Graham Leathers
  • Best Performer: Judi Miller
  • Best Writer/Composer: (tie) Ju Honisch and Jordin Kare
  • Best Classic Filk Song: “Alligator in the House,” by Betsy Tinney, Cade Tinney, and SJ Tucker
  • Best Filk Song: “We Are Who We Are,” by Michelle Dockery and Tony Fabris

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Obituary: Julian May

Author Julian May (b.1931) died on October 17. May entered fandom in her late teens and published the fanzine Interim Newsletter. Her first professional sale, “Dune Roller,” appeared in Astounding in 1951, including original illustrations by May. In 1952, she chaired the TASFIC in Chicago, becoming the first woman to chair a Worldcon. She married author Ted Dikty in 1953 and sold the story “Star of Wonder” before dropping out of science fiction and fandom for several years. With the exceptions of two episodes of the “Buck Rogers” comic strip, she focused on writing for encyclopedias and non-fiction books under a variety of pseudonyms. In 1972, “Dune Roller” was filmed as The Cremators. She returned to science fiction in 1976 when she attended Westercon 29. The costume she wore at the convention made her start thinking about the character’s background and grew into the six book Galactic Milieu series. She also wrote the four book Saga of the Pliocene Exile and collaborated on the Trillium series with Marion Zimmer Bradley and Andre Norton. Health issues prevented May from participating in a panel with the living chairs of the other Chicago Worldcons in 2012, and in 2015 she was inducted into the First Fandom Hall of Fame.

Obituary: Trevor Martin

Actor Trevor Martin (b.1929) died on October 5. Martin is best known for portraying the Doctor in the 1974 stage production Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Seven Keys to Doomsday. Prior to that, he appeared as a Time Lord in the Patrick Troughton Doctor Who serial “The War Games.” He would go on to appear in the Doctor Who Radio play “Paradise of Death” opposite Jon Pertwee in 1993.

Sunburst Awards

The 2017 Sunburst Award winners have been announced. The Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic is a juried award given to a Canadian writer for a book length work of SF. The prize comes with a hand-crafted medallion and Can$1,000. The jurors for the 2017 award were Nancy Baker, Michel Basilières, Rebecca Bradley, Dominick Grace, and Sean Moreland.

  • Sunburst Award: Spells of Blood and Kin, by Claire Humphrey
  • Sunburst Young Adult Award: Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard, by Jonathan Auxier
  • Sunburst Short Fiction Award: “The Sailing of the Henry Charles Morgan in Six Pieces of Scrimshaw (1841),” by A. C. Wise

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Prix de l’Uchronie Finalists

The finalists for the 2017 Prix de L’Uchronie have been announced. The winners will be announced at the Festival de l’Imaginaire in Sèvres, France in December.

Prix Littéraire

  • Latium, by Romain Lucazeau
  • La chute de la maison aux flèches d’argent, by Aliette de Bodard
  • Mes vrais enfants, by Jo Walton
  • L’Empire électrique, by Victor Fleury
  • Semper Lupa, by Meddy Ligner
  • Le Baron Noir Année 1864, by Olivier Gechter

Prix Graphique

  • The Reconquêtes series, by Sylvain Runberg (Script) and François Miville-Deschênes (Artwork)
  • The Erased series, by Kei Sanbe
  • Le Château des étoiles 3, by Alex Alice
  • Le Voyage extraordinaire 5, by Denis-Pierre Filippi(Script) and Silvio Camboni (Artwork)

Prix Spécial

  • La longue terre series by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
  • Les Brillants trilogy, by Marcus Sakey
  • Philippe Éthuin for his work “uchronique au sein des éditions” Publie.Net

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Geffen Awards

Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy presented the 19th Geffen Award on October 10. The 2017 winners are:

  • Best Original Short Story: “Found & Lost,” by Rotem Baruchin
  • Best Original Novel: The Unswitchable, by Yoav Blum
  • Best Translated Fantasy Book: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, by John Tiffany, Jack Thorne, J.K. Rowling, translated by Gili Bar-Hillel Semo
  • Best Translated Science Fiction Book: Earth Afire and Earth Awakens, by Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston, translated by Boaz Weiss
  • Best Translated Young Adult Book: The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle, by Rick Riordan, translated by Yael Achmon

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