Pratchett Cancels Appearance

Terry Pratchett has cancelled his appearance at this summer’s International Discworld Convention in Manchester. Pratchett blames his cancellation on “the Embuggerance,” his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s Disease. According to Pratchett, “this is the first time ever that I have been unable to attend a UK convention and I really am very sorry.” His business manager, Rob Wilkins, will be bringing Pratchett’s trademark black hat to represent him at the con.

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Rebel and Phoenix Awards

The Rebel Award, Phoenix Award, and the Rubble Award, all presented at Contrails/DeepSouthCon 52 in Bristol, VA. The Rebel and Phoenix Awards are official awards, while the Rubble is an unofficial, but traditional award. The Rebel Award is presented for service to Southern fandom by a fan. the Phoenix is given for support by a pro of Southern fandom and/or professional work reflecting positively on the South, and the Rubble is given for the fan who’s done the most to Southern Fandom.

  • Rebel Award: Judy Bemis
  • Phoenix Award: Steve Jackson
  • Rubble Award: Gary Robe, for screwing up the SFPA ego boo poll

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FAAN Award Winners

The FAAN Awards were presented at Corflu 31 in Richmond, VA on May 4. Tynecon 3: The Corflu, is scheduled to take place in Newcastle, UK the weekend of March 27-29, 2015.

  • Best Genzine: Banana Wings, edited by Mark Plummer & Claire Brialey
  • Best Personal Fanzine:Flag, edited by Andy Hooper
  • Best Single Issue: Trap Door #30, edited by Robert Lichtman
  • Best Web­site:
  • Best Fanzine Cover: Inca 9 cover by Harry Bell
    Best Fan Artist or Cartoonist: Steve Stiles

  • Best Fan Writer: Andy Hooper
  • Harry Warner Jr. Memorial Award for Best Letterhack: Robert Lichtman
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Ray Nelson
  • Corflu 31 GoH: Gregg Trend
  • Past President of fwa: John Nielsen-Hall (Unc. Johnny)

Phillips Wins TAFF

Curt Phillips has been declared the winner of the Eastbound TAFF Race this year and will attend Loncon 3 as the North American delegate. Phillips won with an outright majority in a field that included Brad & Cindy Foster and Randy Smith.

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GUFF Ballot On-Line

As previously noted, “Alison Barton, Samara Morgan, Gillian Polack, and Shay Telfer are this year’s candidates for GUFF, the Get-Up-and-Over Fan Fund. The winner of the race will travel from Autralasia to Europe for Loncon 3, next year’s Worldcon in London. GUFF is not limited by geography, so anyone may vote.” The ballot is now on-line, with voting set to end on June 9.

The Ballot

Anubis Gates at Loncon 3

Loncon 3, this year’s Worldcon, has announced that a stage adaptation of Tim Powers’s novel The Anubis Gates will be performed at Loncon 3. The play is being produced by Current Theatrics, founded in 2010 by Ruth Pe Palileo and Thomas Costello and will star Erik Amblad, JJ Gatesman, Brandon Oliver Jones, Johnny Miles, Ariana Helaine, and Geo Nikols.

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Compton Crook Nominees

The Baltimore Science Fiction Society has announced the finalists for the 2014 Compton Crook/Stephen Tall Award. The award is presented for the best debut SF/Fantasy/Horror novel of the year and will be presented at Balticon 48 on the weekend of May 23-26, 2013. The winner is selected by a vote of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society membership.

  • Glyphbinder, by T. Eric Bakutis
  • In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods, by Matt Bell
  • The Enchanted Skean, by Vonnie Winslow Crist
  • City of a Thousand Dolls, by Miriam Forster
  • Fire with Fire, by Charles E. Gannon
  • The Summer Prince, by Alaya Dawn Johnson
  • Shh! It’s a Secret: A Novel about Aliens, Hollywood, and the Bartenders Guide, by Daniel M. Kimmel
  • Ancillary Justice, by Ann Leckie

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Steamcon VI Cancelled

The board of directors for Steamcon has announced their decision to cancel the series of Seattle Steampunk convention due to financial difficulties. The convention is currently more than $40,000 in debt and may face additional debt from the IRS or from hotel penalties. In addition to cancelling the convention, the board of directors has voted to dissolve the corporation.

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Loncon Announces, Withdraws Hugo Host

Loncon 3 announced British presenter Jonathan Ross would be emceeing the Hugo Ceremony this year. Immediately following the announcement, one committee members announced her resignation, citing Ross’s form of humor as sexist. Following a storm on social media, Ross announced his offer to withdraw and the Loncon chairs accepted his offer.

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Detcon1 Extends YA Nomination Deadline

Detcon1 has announced an extension for nominating works for the Detcon1 Young Adult Speculative Fiction Awards until March 7. Nominations will be accepted from anyone, although only members of Detcon1 will be eligible to vote on the final ballot.