Cosplay Trademark Dropped

Following outrage about trademarking the phrase “Cosplay is not Consent”, Troy Doerner, CEO of Cosplay Deviants, has issued a statement that he will be legally abandoning the trademark.
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Consent Slogan Trademarked

The slogan “Cosplay is not consent” was trademarked by the website Cosplay Deviants in November 2016. There are reports that Cosplay Deviants are sending notices to conventions announcing their ownership of the phrase, but Cosplay Deviant states that they are not and have no plans to charge people for the use of the phrase.
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Obituary: John Mollo

Costume designer John Mollo (b.1931) died on October 25. Mollo entered movies as an historical consultant. In 1976, he designed the costumes for Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader, among others based on the artwork of Ralph MacQuarrie for Star Wars. He also worked on the costumes for Alien, The Empire Strikes Back, and Outland. He won two Academy Awards for his costume design for Star Wars and Gandhi.

DragonCon Injuries

Two women were injured when chairs were thrown from the upper stories of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis into the atrium during Dragon Con on September 3. Jamie Temple-Thompson Amador and Kelly McDaniel were both taken to the hospital and treated for their injuries. McDaniel, whose injuries required two staples, credits her Loki costume head dress for saving her life. Amador, who was attending her first Dragon Con, was dressed as Jessica Rabbit.
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ICG Lifetime Achievement Awards

The International Costumers’ Guild announced the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award recipients at Costume-Con 35 is Mississauga, Ontario on April 22. Eric Cannon and Sue Kulinyi were honored for their work in filming masquerades and providing DVDs of the events for participants as well as archiving records of past masquerades.
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Rocky Mountain Fur Con Cancelled

Rocky Mountain Fur Con, scheduled to be held in August, has announced the event will be cancelled with funds on hand being used to cover existing liabilities, refunds for attendees and dealers, and anything remaining going to the convention charity. The organization claims rising costs make the event untenable, although there are indications that the organization has not filed its taxes in several years and has lost its 501(c)3 status.
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CostumeCon Returns to San Diego

CostumeCon 36 will take place in San Diego, site of the first CostumeCon, from May 11-14, 2018 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Mission Valley.

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Obituary: Toni Lay

Costumer Toni Lay (b.1950) died on August 28. Lay was a long-time costumer, serving as Program Director for Costume Con 5 as well as the Historical Masquerade Director for Costume Cons 16 and 22. She was frequently a judge and was a member of the “Sick Pups,” the New Jersey-New York Costumers Guild. Also a Deputy Chatelaine for the Crown Province of Ostgardr in the SCA, Lay’s interests included science fiction and fantasy on television and reading, as well as mysteries and alternate history.

Obituary: Adrienne Martine-Barnes

Author and costumer Adrienne Martine-Barnes (b.1942) died on July 20. Barnes published her first short story in 1982 and followed up with her first novel the same year. She collaborated with Marion Zimmer Bradley on three Darkover novels, with Diana L. Paxson on the Chronicles of Fionn mac Cumhal trilogy, and published the Chronique D’Avebury trilogy on her own. In 1979, Martine-Barnes attempted, but failed, to create Costume-Mania, a costuming weekend, but her vision eventually launched Costume-Con 1 in 1983.

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Obituary: Sandy Swank

Philadelphia and Charleston fan Sandy Swank (b.Gregory A. Swank, 1959) died on June 13. Swank served as President of the Greater Delaware Valley Costumers Guild and was also active in the SCA. In May 2015, Swank, along with his husband, Rob Himmelsbach, co-chaired CostumeCon 33 in Charleston, SC. Swank was active in living history education as well.