Obituary: Graham Stone

Australian fan Graham Stone (b.1926) died on November 16. Stone won an A. Bertram Chandler Award in 1999 for Outstanding Achievement in Australian Science Fiction. In the 1960ws, Stone published Australian Science Fiction Index: 1939-1962 and Australian Science Fiction Index: 1925-1967. His fanzine, Notes on Australian Science Fiction served as the basis for a book of the same title, and he published other fanzines and bibliographies as well. Several of his works, such as A History of Australian Science Fiction Fandom, 1935-1963, were published pseudonymously.

Nova Award Winners

The Nova Award winners were announced the weekend of November 10 at Novacon. The Nova Awards are presented to recognize excellence in British fanzine publishing and writing.

  • Fanzine: Banana Wings, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer
  • Fanwriter: Mike Meara
  • Fanartist: D West

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Obituary: Greg “Clash” Mate

Chicago fan Greg Mate, known to many as Clash, died on November 2. Clash DJed many Windycon dances over the years and was scheduled to DJ at Windycon 40.

SMOFCon Scholarships

CanSMOF has announced the award of this year’s two scholarships to attend SMOFCon 31 in Toronto, Canada the weekend of December 6-8. Each winner will receive C$500 to help defray the cost of attending the convention. Jenni Merrifield of Port Moody, BC will receive the award for a Canadian attendee and Pablo M.A Vazquez III of Austin, TX will receive the award available to any con-runner throughout the world.

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Obituary: Andrea Dubnick

Fan and editor Andrea Dubnick (b. 1950) died on October 21. Dubnick was active in the SCA as Sonya of Prague and helped coordinate the Twilight Tales reading series at Chicago’s Red Lion pub for several years, including editing at least on collection of stories by readers, Tales from the Red Lion. In 2000, she shared a Bram Stoker nomination with Tina Jens for their work on Twilight Tales.

Obituary: Frank Dietz

Fan and editor Frank Dietz died in mid-October. Dietz was one of the founding members (and President) of the Lunarians in 1956. Over the years, he published the fanzines Luna, Luna Monthly, and Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. He published the daily newsletter for the Cinvention. He served on the concom for Lunacon from 1957 through 1971 and in 2007, he was the Fan Guest of Honor at Lunacon 50. Dietz was also an esteemed member of the Order of St. Fantony. In 1958, he and George Nims Raybin filed a lawsuit against Dave Kyle over funds from the 1956 NYCon.

Obituary: Leland Sapiro

Fan and editor Leland Sapiro (b.1924) died on October 8. Sapiro, along with Jon White and Ron Smith, revived the fanzine Inside Science Fiction as Inside in 1962. Eventually, Sapiro was left in editorial control of the magazine and it became the Riverside Quarterly, with a more scholarly feel to it. Although there was a lengthy lapse in publishing during the seventies, Sapiro published the final issue of Riverside Quarterly in the early 1990s.

Obituary: Larry Tucker

Fan Larry Tucker (b.1948) died on October 8. Tucker was was active in the Stilyagi Air Corps, the Science Fiction Oral History Association, and the Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association. As far back as the 1970s, we was taking video and making recordings of conventions. Tucker was also the driving force behind the film FAANS. Tucker chaired or co-chaired three ConFusions from ’78-’80, he continued to attend the convention even after he suffered a debilitating stroke in 2011.

Faned Awards

R. Graeme Cameron has announced the winners of the third annual Faned Awards, which, for the first time, were selected by popular vote. Cameron invented the Faneds to recognize work being done by Canadians in fanzines.

  • Hall of Fame: Leslie A. Croutch (for 1940s/50s fanac, & zine Light)
  • Best Fan Artist: Taral Wayne
  • Best Letter of Comment Writer: Lloyd Penney
  • Best Fan Writer: R. Graeme Cameron
  • Best Fanzine: Space Cadet, by R. Graeme Cameron

Obituary: Elliot K. Shorter

Fan Elliot K. Shorter (b.1939) died from complications from cancer on October 1. In 1970, Shorter represented North America on a TAFF trip and also was the Fan Guest of Honor at that year’s Worldcon, Heicon. He helped run Suncon, as he was part of the 7 in ’77 Worldcon bid, which initially found a site in Orlando, but had to move to Miami when their original hotel went bankrupt and also participated in multiple hoax bids. He opened Merlin’s Closet, a used and rare sf bookstore, in Providence in 1979. Shorter tended to stand out in fannish circles as a 6’4″ tall ex-MP marine and African-American.