Obituary: April R. Derleth

April R. Derleth (b.1954), the President and CEO of Arkham House, died on March 21. Derleth was the daughter of author August Derleth. Arkham House has announced that all sales and unfilled orders are temporarily being suspended.

Stoker Nominations

The nominations for the 2010 Bram Stoker Awards have been announced. The Stoker Awards are presented annually by the Horror Writers of America to recognize superior achievement in the field of Horror. The awards will be presented at the Stoker Awards Banquet held at World Horror Con in Austin, Texas the weekend of April 28.

Superior Achievement in a Novel

  • Horns, by Joe Hill
  • Rot and Ruin, by Jonathan Maberry
  • Dead Love, by Linda Watanabe McFerrin
  • Apocalypse of the Dead, by Joe McKinney
  • Dweller, by Jeff Strand
  • A Dark Matter, by Peter Straub

Superior Achievement in a First Novel

  • Black and Orange, by Benjamin Kane Ethridge
  • A Book of Tongues, by Gemma Files
  • Castle of Los Angeles, by Lisa Morton
  • Spellbent, by Lucy Snyder

Superior Achievement in Long Fiction

  • ”The Painted Darkness,” by Brian James Freeman
  • ”Dissolution,” by Lisa Mannetti
  • ”Monsters Among Us,” by Kirstyn McDermott
  • ”The Samhanach,” by Lisa Morton
  • ”Invisible Fences,” by Norman Prentiss

Superior Achievement in Short Fiction

  • ”Return to Mariabronn,” by Gary Braunbeck
  • ”The Folding Man,” by Joe R. Lansdale
  • ”1925: A Fall River Halloween,” by Lisa Mannetti
  • ”In the Middle of Poplar Street,” by Nate Southard
  • ”Final Draft,” by Mark W. Worthen

Superior Achievement in an Anthology

  • Dark Faith, edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon
  • Horror Library IV, edited by R.J. Cavender and, Boyd E. Harris
  • Macabre: A Journey Through Australia’s Darkest Fears, edited by Angela Challis and Marty Young
  • Haunted Legends, edited by Ellen Datlow and Nick Mamatas
  • The New Dead, edited by Christopher Golden

Superior Achievement in a Collection

  • Occultation, by Laird Barron
  • Blood and Gristle, by Michael Louis Calvillo
  • Full Dark, No Stars, by Stephen King
  • The Ones That Got Away, by Stephen Graham Jones
  • A Host of Shadows, by Harry Shannon

Superior Achievement in Nonfiction

  • To Each Their Darkness, by Gary A. Braunbeck
  • The Conspiracy Against the Human Race, by Thomas Ligotti
  • Wanted Undead or Alive, by Jonathan Maberry and Janice Gable Bashman
  • Listen to the Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews, by Sam Weller

Superior Achievement in a Poetry collection

  • Dark Matters, by Bruce Boston
  • Wild Hunt of the Stars, by Ann K. Schwader
  • Diary of a Gentleman Diabolist, by Robin Spriggs
  • Vicious Romantic, by Wrath James White

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Lovecraft in San Diego

Danger House is presenting a double bill featuring the play The Foot of the Mummy and H. P. Lovecraft’s The Festival. The plays are running through February 19 at Technomania Circus in San Diego. Tickets are 410 and the plays begin at 8:00.

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Obituary: David F. Friedman

Producer David F. Friedman (b.1923) died on February 14. Friedman produced many horror films, including Two Thousand Maniacs, The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide, and others. He often acted in his own, or other, films, including An American Werewolf in Paris. Many of the films he produced skirted the line (or crossed over) into erotica.

Jack Ketchum Named Horror Grand Master

Author Jack Ketchum (a.k.a. Dallas Mayr) has been named Grand Master by the World Horror Convention, scheduled to take place this year from April 28-May 1 in Austin, Texas. Ketchum has won numerous Stoker Awards for his novels and stories, which include Peaceable Kingdom and Closing Time.

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Obituary: Barry Hobart

Actor Barry Hobart (b.1942) died on January 11. Hobart is best known for his role of Dr. Creep, a horror movie host on WKEF Television in Dayton, Ohio. Hobart’s character debuted in 1972, introducing late night horror films, moving to Saturday afternoons later in the decade and eventually leaving the airwaves in 1985, although Hobart remained at the station until 1991. Throughout the 90s, he would continue to make appearances as the character.

Black Quill Nominations

The nominations for the fourth annual Black Quill Awards, presented by Dark Scribe, have been announced. Voting runs through January 21, 2011, with the winners announced on February 1.

Dark Genre Novel of the Year

  • The Caretaker of Lorne Field, by David Zeltserman
  • A Dark Matter, by Peter Straub
  • Kraken, by China Miéville
  • The Passage, by Justin Cronin
  • Sparrow Rock, by Nate Kenyon
  • Under the Dome, by Stephen King

Best Small Press Chill

  • A Book of Tongues, by Gemma Files
  • The Castle of Los Angeles, by Lisa Morton
  • Dreams in Black and White, by John R. Little
  • Invisible Fences, by Norman Prentiss
  • The Wolf at the Door, by Jameson Currier

Best Dark Genre Fiction Collection

  • Blood and Gristle, by Michael Louis
  • In the Mean Time, by Paul Tremblay
  • Little Things, by John R. Little
  • Occultation, by Laird Barron
  • Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse, by Otsuichi

Best Dark Genre Anthology

  • Dark Faith, edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon
  • Dead Set: A Zombie Anthology, edited by Michelle McCrary and Joe McKinney
  • Haunted Legends, edited by Ellen Datlow and Nick Mamatas
  • Horror Library IV, edited by RJ Cavender and Boyd E. Harris
  • When The Night Comes Down, edited by Bill Breedlove

Best Dark Genre Book of Non-Fiction

  • The Conspiracy Against the Human Race, by Thomas Ligotti
  • Horrors: Great Stories of Fear and Their Creators, by Rocky Wood
  • I Am Providence: The Life and Times of HP Lovecraft, by S.T. Joshi
  • Night of the Living Dead: Behind the Scenes of the Most Terrifying Zombie Movie Ever, by Joe Kane
  • Thrillers: 100 Must Reads, edited by David Morrell and Hank Wagner

Best Dark Scribble

  • “Bully,” by Jack Ketchum
  • “Goblin Boy,” by Rick Hautula
  • “Secretario,” by Catherynne M. Valente
  • “The Things,” by Peter Watts
  • “We,” by Bentley Little

Best Dark Genre Book Trailer

  • Neverland, produced by Circle of Seven Productions
  • Radiant Shadows, produced by Circle of Seven Productions
  • Specters in the Coal Dust, produced by Michael Knost & Black Water Films
  • Under the Dome, produced by Scribner Marketing
  • Unhappy Endings, produced by Delirium Books

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Pontypool Screening

ChiZine Publications and Rue Morgue are presenting a screening of the horror film Pontypool on December 3 at the Toronto Underground Cinema, 186 Spadina Ave in Toronto, Ontario. The film is based on the Bruce McDonald’s novel Pontypool Changes Everything, published by ECW and ChiZine. Following the film, there will be a question and answer session with screen writer Tony Burgess and actors Stephen McHattie and Lisa Houle.

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B Movie Celebration

The B Movie Celebration will be held in Franklin, Indiana from September 23-25. This year’s festival will focus on the works of Midwest filmmakers William Girdler, K. Gordon Murray, and Kroger Babb. Films that will be shown include The Manitou, Abby, Santa Claus, among others.

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Shirley Jackson Award Winners

The winners for the 2009 Shirley Jackson Award were announced at Readercon on July 11. The award is presented to recognize outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic.

  • Novel: Big Machine, by Victor LaValle
  • Novella: Midnight Picnic, by Nick Antosca
  • Novelette: “Morality,” by Stephen King
  • Short Story: “The Pelican Bar,” by Karen Joy Fowler
  • Single-Author Collection (tie): Tunneling to the Center of the Earth, by Kevin Wilson and Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical, by Robert Shearman
  • Edited Anthology: Poe: 19 New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, edited by Ellen Datlow

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