Dance Like a Monkey Anthology

Jean Rabe has announced a crowd-sourcing campeign to fund the publication of Dance Like a Monkey, and anthology to create a grant to help support author C.J. Henderson, who is battling non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. All of the authors, artists, publishers, graphic designers, and other professionals involved in this project have assigned what would have been their portions of this anthology to that grant. Participants include Mike Resnick, Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, Jack Dann, Joe Haldeman, Joe Haldeman, Gene Wolfe, and many more. Their indiegogo campaign runs through May 1 with the goal of raising $7,500.

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Alpha Receives Heinz Grant

Alpha, a Pittburgh-based writing workshop for young writers has received a $10,000 grant from Heinz Endowments. Alpha will recieve the money in installments over the next three years for use in funding scholarships for students for whom workshop tuition presents a financial hardship. This year, Alpha will be held at the University of Pittsburgh’s Greensburg Campus from July 25 – August 3.

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Jay Lake in NIH Trial

Jay Lake has been accepted into a trial by the National Institutes of Health which may help extend his life in his battle against cancer. Unfortunately, the NIH does not cover all costs and Jay needs to raise $15,000 to cover his expenses, including travel, hotel, support, and others costs. With 27 days to go in the fundraiser, just under half the money has been raised.

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Obituary: David L. Kuzminski

David L. Kuzminski (b.1947) died on August 13. Kuzminski was the founder and editor of the author’s resource website Preditors and Editor. The website has been dormant since his death, but Andrew Burt, of the Critters Workshop, has made arrangements to continue it.

TAFF Is Underway

Brad and Cindy Foster, Curt Phillips, and Randy Smith have declared they are running for TAFF, to travel to London for Loncon 3 in 2014.

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GUFF Candidates Announced

Alison Barton, Samara Morgan, Gillian Polack, and Shay Telfer are this year’s candidates for GUFF, the Get-Up-and-Over Fan Fund. The winner of the race will travel from Autralasia to Europe for Loncon 3, next year’s Worldcon in London. GUFF is not limited by geography, so anyone may vote.

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Brown Receives Knight Grant

Detroit author Adrienne Maree Brown has received a $20,000 grant from the Knight Foundation to conduct a series of workshops for a cross-section of Detroit residents to write science fiction stories to be published in a series of ‘zines related to the city’s future. Brown will also interview other Detroiters for her original stories. Brown’s award was just one of 56 awards totaling $2.1 million as part of the Detroit’s Knight Arts Challenge.

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Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship Created

The Center for the Study of Women in Society has announced that in honor of its fortieth anniversary, it will be establishing, along with the University of Oregon Knight Library and the Robert D. Clark Honors College the Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship. The Fellowship will encourage research within collections in the area of feminist science fiction. The Fellowship is open to any scholars using the feminist studies collections at those libraries and will provide a $3,000 travel grant. Applications for the first Fellowship are due no later than September 1.

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Ender’s Game Benefit for LGBT Groups

Lionsgate has announced that it will host a premiere of the film Ender’s Game as a benefit event for LGBT support groups. The announcement comes after the book’s author, Orson Scott Card, wrote a call for people to be tolerant of his anti-LGBT views and activities in support of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). LGBT groups have been calling for a boycott of the film due to Card’s outspoken activism and his position as a board member of NOM.

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TAFF Winner

Jim Mowatt has been declared the winner of the Westbound TAFF Race this year and will attend LoneStarCon 3 as the European delegate. He defeated Theresa Derwin. Release of tallies is pending

ETA Vote tallies
58 votes were cast from North America and 60 votes from Europe with 3 votes from the rest of the world.
Jim Mowatt received 47 NA, 44 Eur for a total of 91
Theresa Derwin received 5 NA, 11 Eur for a total of 16
Hold Over received 1 NA for a total of 1
No Preference received 8 NA, 5 Eur for a total of 13
(rest of world tallies included in NA numbers).

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