DeepSouthCon Awarded to JordanCon

Following the cancellation of next year’s DeepSouthCon, JordanCon proposed a bid to host the long-running traveling convention. Originally scheduled to be a stand-alone convention in Atlanta in May, DeepSouthCon will not take place as part of JordanCon, also in Atlanta, the weekend of April 22-24. The Guests of Honor will be Catherine Asaro and John Picacio.
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DeepSouthCon 16 Cancelled

M. Lee Rogers has announced that ABC DeepSouthCon, the 2016 version of the event scheduled to be held in Roswell, GA, has been cancelled because a review of their finances has led them to believe that the event was not longer fiscally feasible. DeepSouthCon is a traveling con which is often connected to an existing con, although in 2016 it was going to be run as its own identity. It has been pointed out that ABC DeepSouthCon was scheduled to run the same weekend as Atlanta’s OutlantaCon. There are efforts being made to hold DeepSouthCon in conjunction with a different convention in 2016.
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DeepSouthCon 2016 Moves

DeepSouthCon has announced that it will be held the weekend of May 13-15, 2016 at the Doubletree Hotel in Roswell, GA, previously the site of the 2013 DeepSouthCon. Originally, the convention was scheduled to be held in Atlanta. DeepSouthCon will announce the slate of guests once they have all been finalized.

Dragon*Con Reorganizes

The Board of Directors and Shareholders of Dragon Con / ACE, Inc.have announced that company will merge into Dragon Con, Inc. (Dragon Con) in a cash-out merger. The new organization is led by five of Dragon*Con’s six founders. The sixth founder, Ed Kramer, who was arrested in 2000 and has not been part of the operational structure of Dragon*Con for several years, was offered a cash buyout. Kramer’s attorney has stated that Kramer may sue over the new organization and his share.

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