Golden Cob Winners

The winners of the 2011 Golden Cob Awards, presented for excellence in B movies at the annual B Movie Celebration in Franklin, Indiana, have been announced. The awards will be presented at the event, running from September 23-25.

  • Best Scream Queen: Debbie Rochon for Alien Vengeance
  • Best Leading Man: Jeffrey Combs for American Bandits
  • Best Rising B Actress: Bianca Barnett for In a Spiral State
  • Best Rising B Movie Actor: Gerald Webb for Battle of Los Angeles
  • Best B Movie Director: Fred Olen Ray for American Bandits
  • Best Efx In a B Movie: Greg Nicotero for Piranha 3D
  • Best Cinematography in a B Movie: Greig Fraser for Let Me In
  • Best Original Screenplay: Fred Olen Ray for American Bandits
  • Best Editing in a B Movie: Tony Randel for Monster Cruise
  • Best B Movie Adapatation: Scott Kosar andRay Wright for The Crazies
  • Best B Movie Release: Piranha 3D
  • Best B Movie Documentary: Daniel Griffith for The Bloodiest Show on Earth:Making Vampire Circus
  • Best B Movie Soundtrack: Midnight Syndicate for The Dead Matter
  • Best Sound Design in a B Movie: Patrick Giraudi for DinoCroc Vs. Supergator
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: George A.Romero
  • Bill Cothron Best Emerging Filmmaker Award: Joshua Hull and Beverly Lane
  • SuperFan Award: Brian Shirley and Geek Tyrant
  • The B Movie Hall Of Fame: The Chiodo Brothers, Vincent Price, and Albert Pyun
  • The Bob Wilkins Best Horror Host Award: Sammy Terry

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