Obituary: Rusty Hevelin

Fan James “Rusty” Hevelin (b.1922) died on December 27. Hevelin became active in fandom in the 1930s, publishing the apazine H-1661. He attended Denvention 1 before joining the army and serving in the South Pacific during World War II. Returning to fandom, Hevelin became a huckster and frequent con attendee, serving as a guest of honor at numerous cons, including Denvention 2, the 1981 Worldcon. He received the First Fandom Sam Mosckowitz Archive Award for collections and the Big Heart Award. Hevelin was a founder of Pulpcon.

Save the Semiprozine

At Denvention, a resolution was passed at the WSFS Business Meeting to eradicate the Best Semiprozine Hugo. If the resolution passes again at Anticipation this year, the category will be removed from future Hugo ballots. In an attempt to forestall passage, Neil Clarke has put up a website to explain why the Semiprozine category should be retained and to educate potential voters on magazines which fall into the Semiprozine category.

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