Flint Cancer Diagnosis

Eric Flint has written that he was diagnosed with cancer, although after the removal of his spleen and a biopsy on his lymph nodes, no malignancies have been found. He is cautiously optimistic about his status, but notes that his sister died of cancer and he and his doctors will continue to monitor his status.

Baen Offers Joe Buckley Charity E-Book

Baen Books has announced that in honor of Veteran’s Day, they are releasing an e-book entitled The Many Deaths of Joe Buckley. Half of the proceeds from the volume will go to Operation Baen Bulk, which provides reading material for US troops. The other half of the proceeds will go to ReadAssist, which provides access to books for disabled readers. Joe Buckley is a character who has appeared in numerous books published by Baen and almost always is either killed or comes close to death. He has appeared in works by David Weber, John Ringo, Eric Flint, Sarah Hoyt, Travis Taylor, and others. This charity volume collects a variety of Joe Buckley death scenes.

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Baen’s Universe Closing

Eric Flint, the editor of Baen’s Universe has announced that the on-line magazine will close following the April 2010 issue, signifying a four-year run for the magazine. Baen is offering a plan for subcribers to receive back issues. According to Flint, Baen was “never able to get and retain enough subscribers to put us on a sales plateau that would allow us to continue publishing.”

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Flint Undergoes Heart Surgery

Following an angiogram, doctors have determined that Eric Flint needs to undergo bypass surgery to clear several blockages. He is scheduled for surgery on Thursday, April 30 and expects to spend about a week in the hospital recuperating before returning home to continue his recuperation.