FAAN Awards

The FAAN Achievement Awards were presented at Corflu 35, held from May 4-6 in Toronto, Canada.

  • Best Fanzine: Beam, edited by Nic Farey & Ulrika O’Brien
  • Best Perzine: Vibrator, by Graham Charnock
  • Best Special Publication: Same Planet, Different World: Jacq Monahan’s TAFF Report, by Jacq Monahan
  • Best Fan Writer: Randy Byers
  • Best Fan Artist: Steve Stiles
  • Best Fanzine Cover: Rubber Crab #8, cover by Graham West
  • Online Activity: efanzines.com
  • #1 Fan Face: Jacq Monahan
  • Harry Warner Jr Letterhack: Tie: Robert Lichtman & Milt Stevens
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Bruce Gillespie

FAAN Awards

The winners of the FAAN Award, selected by members of Corflu, were announced today at Corflu 34 in Las Vegas. In 2018, Corflu will take place in Toronto.

  • Fan Artist: Steve Stiles
  • Fanzine Cover: BEAM 10, by Harry Bell
  • Genzine: Banana Wings
  • Letterhack: Paul Skelton
  • Perzine: The White Notebooks
  • Special Issue: THEN
  • Fan Writer: Andy Hooper
  • Fan Website: eFanzines.com
  • Past President of Fanzine Writers of America: Pete Young

FAAN Award Winners

The winners of the FAAN Award, selected by members of Corflu, were announced today at Tynecon III: The Corflu in Newcastle upon Tyne. In 2016, Corflu will take place in Chicago.

  • Best Genzine: Banana Wings, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer
  • Best Personal Fanzine: Vibrator, edited by Graham Charnock
  • Best Single Issue: Trap Door #31
  • Best Fan Writer: Mark Plummer
  • Best Fan Artist: Steve Stiles
  • Best Letterhack: Paul Skelton
  • Best Fanzine Cover: Banana Wings #56, by D West
  • Best Fan Website: eFanzines
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Peter Weston
  • Graham Charnock elected as past President of Fanzine Writers of America.

Paint, Pen, and Pixel Call for Art

Christopher J Garcia and Steven H Silver have announced a new fanzine, Paint, Pen, and Pixel to showcase the excellent artwork done by fan artists. They are asking for fan artists to send us a piece of original, unpublished artwork to be included, along with contact information. The fanzine will be in an electronic format and either horizontal or vertical artwork is welcome. The submission deadline is February 15 with the goal of publishing the fanzine on March 1.

For more information, e-mail paintpenpixel@gmail.com

Obituary: Bob Sabella

Fan Bob Sabella (b.1948) died on December 3 after being hospitalized and diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Sabella was the editor of the fanzine Visions of Paradise as well as the OE of FAPA, the oldest and longest running SF Amateur Press Association. In 2000, Sabella published the book Who Shaped Science Fiction? Through October, 2011, he published 170 issues of Visions of Paradise.

First Faneds Announced

The first Faned Awards, a Canadian award presented for fanzine activity, were presented on October 2 at VCON 36 in Vancouver, Canada by R. Graeme Cameron. Each winner will receive the Faned, a sculpture created by Lawrence Prime and a certificate designed by Taral Wayne. The first year’s awards were entirely selected by Cameron, who hopes to garner peer input in future years.

  • Best Fan Artist: Taral Wayne
  • Best Fan Writer: Garth Spencer
  • Best LoC Hack: Lloyd Penney
  • Best Fanzine: WARP, Cathy Palmer-Lister, Editor
  • Life-Time Achievement: “The Unknown Faned” who published Canada’s first SF fanzine in early 1936 under the title The Canadian Science Fiction Fan.

WOOF Call for ‘Zines

Seattle fan Randy Byers has been announced as the editor of this year’s WOOF, (World Organization Of Faneditors). Any fanzine editors (including rookies) who would like to contribute ‘zines for inclusion, should contact Randy and give him a title and page count for the table of contents. As Renovation is the 69th Worldcon, each editor should supply 69 copies.

For more information…

Faan Awards

The Faan Awards, given to recognize achievements in fannish publishing and voted on by fans, were presented at Corflu in San Jose this weekend.

  • Best Fanzine: Trapdoor, edited by Robert Lichtman
  • Best Fan Writer: Roy Kettle
  • Best Fan Artist: Steve Stiles
  • Best Fannish Website: Efanzines.com
  • Harry Warner Memorial Correspondent Award: Robert Lichtman

FAAN Ballots Available

Chris Garcia has announced that this year’s ballot for the FAAN Awards, to be presented at Corflu 28 is on-line. Ballots are due back to Chris by February 4. Anyone with the necessary knowledge of the people and their work is eligible. If you think you may be unknown to the Administrator, please cite a fan (include contact details, e.g. email address) who can confirm your credentials.

For more information (pdf)

Nova Awards

The winners of the Nova Award, presented at Novacon for best fanzine, fan writer, and fan artist, were announced the weekend of November 12. The winners are selected by a vote of the membership of Novacon.

  • Best Fanzine: Journey Planet #7, edited by Christopher J Garcia, Claire Brialey, and James Bacon
  • Best Fan Writer: Mark Plummer
  • Best Fan Artist: James ATom

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