Auburn (CA) Hosts SF Film Festival

The city of Auburn, CA will be hosting an inaugural film festival the weekend of January 20-22, kicking off with Duck Dodgers In the 24 1/2th Century and also showing Brazil, The Iron Giant, and Forbidden Planet, among others. The Festival will take place at the Auburn Placer Performing Arts Center and organizers hope it will be the first in an annual series.
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I Remember the Future Wins Remi

The film I Remember the Future, based on the Michael A. Burstein story of the same title, has won the Grand Remi Award in the Student Films category at the Worldfest-Houston film Festival. The film, about a dying writer coming to terms with the choices he had made in his life, was directed by Klayton Aaron Stainer of Swinburne University, in Prahan, Australia and written by Zane Piper, Stainer, and Burstein. Other winners of genre interest can be found at the Worldfest website.

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LoneStarCon 3 Film Festival

Nat Saenz coordinated the film festival at LoneStarCon 3. The following films received awards at the film festival.

  • Best SF&F Short Film: Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope, directed by Eric Tozzi
  • Best Horror Short Film: CARGOLS! (Snails), directed by Geoffrey Cowper
  • Best Animation Short Film: Oh Super, directed by Mike Roberts
  • Best Fan Film: Star Trek Continues; Pilot – Pilgrim of Eternity, directed by Vic Mignogna
  • Best Feature Film: Chill – Horror, directed by Noelle Bye and Meredith Holland

’50s Science Fiction Film Series

Beginning on January 9, Freeport, Illinois’s Lindo Theatre will be presenting a ’50s Science Fiction Film Series, running a film on select Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. through April. The films selected will include The Thing from Another World, Them!, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Tickets are $5 per film, or $20 for the series.

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Chicon 7 Film Festival

Nat Saenz coordinated the film festival at Chicon. This year’s judging panel was comprised of John Hickey, David Kania, Bill Frazier, and Nick Wagoner. The Battelle SF Club served as a focus group judging films. 125 independent short films and 8 independent feature films were screened from 17 countries. The festival was coordinated by Nat Saenz. The following films received awards at the film festival.

  • Best SF&F Feature Film: Pig, directed by Henry Barrial
  • Best Horror Feature Film: Nailbiter, directed by Patrick Rea
  • Best Animation Short Film: Paths of Hate, directed by Damian Nenow
  • Best SF&F Short Film: The Centrifuge Brain Project, directed by Till Nowak
  • Best Horror Short Film: Dead Happy, directed by Nicky Lianos
  • Best Fan Film: Star Trek Phase II: The Child, directed by Jon Povill