Prix Imaginales Nominees

The nominees for the Prix Imaginales have been announced. The Prix Imaginales is presented at the Imaginales festival in Epinal, France and are a juried award.

French Novel

  • Rue Farfadet, by Raphaël Albert
  • La Perle et l’enfant, by Paul Beorn
  • Cytheriae, by Charlotte Bousquet
  • Bankgreen, by Thierry Di Rollo
  • Teliam Vore, by Raphaël Lafarge et Vincent Mondiot
  • Rosée de feu, by Xavier Mauméjean

Foreign Translations

  • Sans âme (Soulless), by Gail Carriger, translated by Sylvie Denis
  • Le Sang des Ambrose (The Blood of Ambrose), by James Enge, translated by Marie Surgers
  • Les Magiciens (The Magicians), by Lev Grossman, translated by Jean-Daniel Brèque
  • Les Cent mille royaumes (The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms), by N. K. Jemisin, translated by Alexandra Maillard
  • Lavinia, by Ursula K. Le Guin, translated by Marie Surgers
  • Lamentation, by Ken Scholes, translated by Olivier Lebernard

Young Adult

  • L’Apprentie de Merlin, by Fabien Clavel
  • Le T’Sank, Le Cycle d’Alamänder, 1, by Alexis Famand
  • Reckless, by Cornelia Funke, translated by Marie-Claude Auger
  • Les Flibustiers du vent, Le Tempestaire, 2, by Johan Heliot
  • Voraces, by Oisin McGann, translated by Patrick Imbert


  • Vengeances, Marie des dragons, 2, by Ange, Thierry Desmarez
  • The Unwritten, Entre les lignes 1, by Mike Carey, Peter Gross
  • Ravermoon, by Sylvain Cordurié, Léo Pilipovic
  • Le Chevalier errant, by Georges R.R. Martin, Ben Aavery, Mike S. Miller
  • Le Gardien du temple, Rex Mundi, 1, by Arvid Nelson, Eric J.


  • Benjamin Carré for the cover of Fils de l’ombre, by Juliette Marillier
  • Xavier Collette for the cover of Narcogénèse, by Anne Fakhouri
  • Elvire De Cock for the cover of Cytheriae, by Charlotte Bousquet
  • Frédéric Perrin for the cover of Le Sang des Ambrose, by James Enge
  • Marc Simonetti for the cover of Lamentation, by Ken Scholes

Short Stories

  • “Raven Party,” by Nathalie Dau
  • “Le Sang du large,” by Lionel Davoust
  • “La Fin des cerisiers,” by Jean-Claude Dunyach
  • “Deus Tex,” by Jack McDevitt
  • “Le Pacha botté,” by Sylvie Miller and Philippe Ward
  • “London Faerie Blitz,” by Yohan Vasse

Special Jury Award

  • Le Grimoire de Korylfand, by Michel Borderie
  • Le Légendaire des dragons, by Marie-Charlotte Delmas
  • Nicolas Fructus for illustrating Kadath, le guide de la cité inconnue, by David Camus, Mélanie Fazi, Raphaël Granier de Cassagnac, and Laurent Poujois
  • Les Livres du dimanche (The Sunday Books), by Michael Moorcock, Mervyn Lawrence Peake, translated by Liliane Sztajn

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