Obituary: Graham Joyce

Author Graham Joyce (b.1954) died on September 9. Joyce won his first British Fantasy Award in 1993 for Dark Sister and went on to win several more, as well as World Fantasy Awards. His other works included The Facts of Life, The Limits of Enchantment, and The Year of the Ladybird. Joyce was diagnoses with lymphoma last year.

More Changes for BFS

Following David Howe’s resignation as Chairman of the BFS, Graham Joyce has been appointed acting chair. He has stated that the 2012 Fantasycon will not be held in Corby, as previously announced, and will not be chaired by Howe and Sam Stone. The organisation is searching for a new venue and will announce the location and dates as soon as they are finalised. Joyce will also appoint a committee to overhaul the Awards system and make it more transparent and enfranchise a broader base of readers.

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