“Snodgrass” Airs in UK

A dramatization based on Ian R. MacLeod’s alternate history story “Snodgrass” is being made as part of the UK Sky Playhouse. Snodgrass, about a world in which John Lennon left the Beatles before they hit it big. The production, which will air on Sky Arts 1, is based on the first third of the story. The show will be broadcast on April 25. John Lennon will be portrayed by Ian Hart, who previously portrayed Lennon in The Hours and Times (1991) and Backbeat (1994).

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Sidewise Award for Alternate History

The Sidewise Awards for Alternate History were presented as part of a panel on alternate history at Chicon 7. The panel consisted of three of the judges: Evelyn Leeper, Jim Rittenhouse, and Steven H Silver. In addition, Billee Stallings, one of Murray Jenkins’s daughters participated in the panel. Jenkins wrote the story “Sidewise in Time,” for which the award is named, under the pseudonym “Murray Leinster.”

  • Short Form: “Paradise is a Walled Garden,” by Lisa Goldstein
  • Long Form: Wake Up and Dream, by Ian R. MacLeod

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Clarke Winner

The winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award was announced during the opening ceremonies of Sci-Fi-London 8: The Eighth Annual International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film. This year, the award included a prize of £2009. The winner is Ian R. MacLeod for the novel Song of Time.

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