Dian Crayne

LA fan Dian Crayne (b.Dian Girard, 1942) died on October 4. Crayne was a member of LASFS and the group Future Unbounded, which was formed to run F-UNCon in 1968 and the 1969 Westercon. In 1964, she published The Game of Fandom, a boardgame about fandom at the time which included references to several active fans. In the 1960s, she was married to Bruce Pelz and their divorce party inspired Larry Niven’s story “What Can You Say About Chocolate Covered Manhole Covers.” She subsequently was married to Chuck Crayne until his death in 2009.

Obituary: Milt Stevens

Los Angeles fan Milt Stevens (b.1942) died on October 2. Stevens was active in LASFS, serving in most of the clubs offices at various times. He was worked at numerous conventions and chaired LA 2000 (the first LosCon), Westercon 33, and LA Con II, the largest Worldcon based on on-site numbers. Stevenss published several fanzines over the years, including APAzines All Digression Weekly, Crypt of Ennui, Opus, and others. He received the Evans-Freehafer Award in 1971 and was Guest of Honor at Loscon 9 in 1982 and Westercon 61 in 2008.

Forry Award

Greg Bear has been named the recipient of this year Forry Award, presented for lifetime achievemetn in the SF field by LASFS. The award had been presented annually since 1966. The winners are selected by a vote of the LASFS membership.
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Obituary: Lee Henderson

Los Angeles fan Lee Henderson died on July 17 when a car he was working under fell on him. Henderson was active in LASFS and worked on Loscon managing the gaming room. His family is running a GoFundMe campaign to pay for funeral expenses.
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Obituary: Dwain Kaiser

Bookstore owner and LASFS member Dwain Kaiser (b.1947) was murdered on July 3 by a teenager who was living with Kaiser and his wife. Kaiser has been active in fandom since 1961 and founded the Las Vegas SF Society in 1963. He attended his first convention the following year. He opened Magic Door Used Books in 1967 and, although he closed it to return to college, he eventually opened three other stores called Magic Door, the most recent located in Pomona, CA. Kaiser edited several fanzines over his career, including Astron, Nimrod, Nonstop Fun Is Hard on the Heart, and No Time, No Energy & Not Much To Say. His wife, JoAnn, intends to keep the store open.

LASFS Semi-Homeless

Since LASFS has sold its clubhouse does has not yet purchased a new location, it will be holding meetings at a temporary location: The Art Directors Guild at 11969 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City beginning on May 4. The clubhouse was sold in November 2016 with the option to rent it back for up to six months.
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LASFS Sells Clubhouse

LASFS has announced that it has agreed to sell its clubhouse in Van Nuys, home to the organization since 2011. The current location turned out to be a bad fit for the organization and the terms of sale allow the club to continue to use the current location for up to eight months as they search for a suitable replacement.
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Benford Receives Ackerman

Gregory Benford has been named the recipient of the Forrest J Ackerman Award for Service to Science Fiction by LASFS. Benford is being recognized for his contribution as an author and working scientist. he Forry Award is presented for lifetime achievement in science fiction fandom.
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Ackerman Award Winners

Charles Lee Jackson II and Spider Robinson have been named the recipients of the 2015 Forrest Ackerman Award by members of LASFS. The Forry Award is presented for lifetime achievement in science fiction fandom.

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Bujold Wins Forry Award

Lois McMaster Bujold received the Forry Award for Lifetime Achievement in the field of Science Fiction from the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. The award has been presented by LASFS each year at LosCon since 1966. The winners are selected by a vote of the LASFS membership.

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