Obituary: Len Wein

Comic book writer Len Wein (b.1948) died on September 10. Wein co-creasted the characters Wolverine, Storm, and Swamp Thing. In addition, he worked on numerous other comcis for both DX and Marvel. He served as the editor in chief for Marvel’s color-comics line in 1974 and later served as editor in chief for Disney Comics. Wein was married to Christine Valada. He was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2008, won the Inkpot Award and the Comic Fan Art Award for Pro Writer and Comic Buyer’s Guide Fan Award for Best Editor.

Watchmen Prequels

DC Comics has announced plans to launch seven mini series detailing the lives and backgrounds of the characters of Watchmen. The ground-breaking 1980s series was originally written and conceived by Alan Moore, who will not be involved in the new books. The new series will be written by Brian Azzarello (Rorschach and The Comedian), J. Michael Straczynski (Dr. Manhattan and Nite Owl), Len Wein (Ozymandias), and Darwyn Cooke (Silk Spectre and The Minutemen).

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Collecting Wein Comics

Mark Evanier is asking comic book collectors who have duplicates or who were considering selling or giving away copies of their collection to consider donating books that Len Wein worked on to replenish Wein’s collection, lost in a fire earlier this week. Although Evanier is not yet ready to begin accepting donations, he is asking people to keep Wein in mind.

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Wein & Valada House Fire

Len Wein and Christine Valada suffered a house fire that has destroyed everything. Wein, Valada, and Valada’s son escaped the house and are safe, although their dog ran back into the house and did not survive. According to Harlan Ellison, several hundred thousand dollars worth of art was destroyed in the fire.

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