Lunacon on Haitus

The Lunarians, the parent organization for Lunacon, have announced the decision not to hold Lunacon in 2018. The convention previously cancelled the 2015 convention, but held “creatively successful” conventions in 2016 and 2017. Lunarian President Stu Hellinger has stated that Lunacon needs to undergo a complete reevaluation of what it should provide the community. The first Lunacon was held in 1957.

Lunacon Chair Resigns

Lunacon chair Mark Richards has announced his resignation as chair of Lunacon 2016. Richards was appointed chair in January 2015 after Lunacon announced that the 2015 iteration of the long-running convention would not be held. During his chairmanship, Lunacon held a crowd-sourced fundraisers to cover operating costs. The New York Science Fiction Society – the Lunarians has yet to announce a replacement, but has thanked Richards for her service.
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Lunacon is Crowdsourcing

Lunacon, which was founded in 1957, went on hiatus after the 2014 event. Following a restructuring, Luncacon is now trying to raise $8,000 to ensure that they can hold the convention in 2016. The cash is needed in order to pay for storage rental, make deposits on facilities, and ensure that they can bring their guests, Robert J. Sawyer, Naomi Novik, and Rick Sternbach, to the convention.

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Lunacon Hiatus

The Lunacon Board of directors has decided that the venerable con will take a year’s hiatus. Individuals who have already purchased memberships for the 2015 Lunacon will be contacted and offered the option of receiving a refund or transferring their membership to Lunacon 2016 the weekend of March 18-20. Although the current plan is to return to their traditional hotel, the venue may be changed. Lunacon was founded in 1957.

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