Hall of Fame Nominations Open

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the EMP has announced that nominations for the Science Fiction Hall of Fame will be accepted from the general public through April 10. While I normally don’t promote on this page, I’ll note that Murray Leinster, who helped create the first contact story, the multiple universe story, alternate history, and more, and who was known as the “Dean of Science Fiction,” still isn’t in the Hall of Fame.

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Tangent Takes New Direction

TangentOnline editor David Truesdale has announced several new features of the seventeen-year-old review magazine. Focusing the magazine’s attention on professionally paying short fiction markets (both on-line and in print), TangentOnline will also include columns on classic science fiction and fantasy and a second feature that focuses on pulp magazines of all genres. The relaunched zine includes articles on Michael Moorcock’s “History of the Runestaff” series, the X-Minus One adaptation of a Fritz Leiber story, a look at two stories by Murray Leinster, an article on collecting fantasy art by Robert Weinberg, and reviews of current magazines.

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Murray Leinster to Be Honored

The Virginia State Legistlature has passed a resolution making June 27, 2009 Will F. Jenkins Day. Jenkins wrote under a variety of pseudonyms, most notably “Murray Leinster.” His science fiction stories include “A Logic Named Joe” and “The Runaway Skyscraper.” Jenkins won the Hugo for “Exploration Team” and the Retro-Hugo for “First Contact.” The Sidewise Award for Alternate History was named for his short story “Sidewise in Time.” Jenkins’s family is planning a ceremony for that date.