Julius Vogel Winners

The winners of the Julius Vogel Awards were announce at Au Contraire in Wellington on August 29. The award is given to citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand and voted on by members of the New Zealand National Convention.

  • Best Novel: Beyond The Wall Of Time, by Russell Kirkpatrick
  • Best YA Novel: Brainjack, by Brian Falkner
  • Best Novella / Novellete: Wives, by Paul Haines
  • Best Short Story (tie): “Corrigan’s Exchange,” by Ripley Patton and “The Living Dead Boy,” by Grant Stone
  • Best Collected Work: Voyagers: Science Fiction Poetry from New Zealand, edited by Mark Pirie and Tim Jones
  • Best Artwork: The Test, by Serena Kearns
  • Best Dramatic Presentation: Under The Mountain
  • Best Professional Publication: Semaphore Magazine, edited by Marie Hodgkinson
  • Best New Talent: Simon Petrie
  • Best Fan Writing: Simon Litten for SJV Watch and SFFANZ Reviews
  • Best Fan Production: Coals to Newcastle (Short Film), by Yvonne Harrison
  • Fan Publication (tie): Phoenixine, edited by John & Lynelle Howell; Time Space Visualiser, edited by Adam McGechen
  • Services to Fandom: David Lee Smith, the founder of the Upper Hutt Science Fiction Club
  • Services to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: Philip Mann

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New Zealand Bids Worldcon

Following a spate of $20 bills thrown in his direction, Norm Cates has announced a New Zealand bid for the 2020 Worldcon. Despite being organized only a week before Aussiecon 4, New Zealand in 2020 is planning on having a bid table, party, and t-shirts at this year’s Worldcon.

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Pulps in New Zealand

The University of Otago Library in Dunedin, New Zealand, will be featuring an exhibit on Australian Pulp magazines from August 27 through December 10. The exhibit will focus on the pulp magazine industry that grew up in Australia after the government embargoed American-published pulp magazines, but will also include some of the American pulps to place the Australian magazines in context.

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