Obituary: Parke Godwin

Author Parke Godwin (b.1929) died on June 19 after a lengthy illness. Godwin won the World Fantasy Award for his story “The Fire When It Comes.” Godwin wrote a three volume Arthurian saga set in the fifth century, beginning with Firelord. A decade later, he began a three volume Robin Hood series starting with Sherwood. His two book series beginning with Waiting for the Galactic Bus was a satire on American culture. He began publishing fiction in 1977 with the story “Unsigned Original” and a year later published the novel Masters of Solitude with Marvin Kaye. His final two novels were published under the pseudonym Kate Hawks.

Parke Godwin’s Health in Decline

Author Parke Godwin, who wrote the World Fantasy Award winning novella “The Fire When It Comes” as well as series about Robin Hood and King Arthur, has been moved to a medical facility where he can receive round-the-clock supervision. His short- and long-term memory are not adequate for him to hold conversations, but the doctors are hoping that he may improve if they can find the right medicines.

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