Vincinanza Agency Closes

Following the death in September of agency founder Ralph Vicinanza and the departure of two agents on May 9, the Ralph Vicinanza Literary Agency has announced that it will be accepting no new clients and recommending that existing client seek new representation. The office is still open for processing any royalty payments that are received and the office staff and contact information remain in place.

Obituary: Ralph Vicinanza

Agent Ralph Vicinanza (b.1950) died of a brain aneurysm on September 26. Vicinanza represented Stephen King, Connie Willis, Robert J. Sawyer, Stephen Baxter, and many other major science fiction and fantasy authors. Vicinanza also had a producer credit on some films and television shows made based on his clients work, including FlashForward, Jumper, and the forthcoming The Forever War. A memorial service is being planned for October 1.