Hevelin Home Burglarized

The home that belonged to the late Rusty Hevelin has been burglarized. A friend who has been keeping an eye on the home for Hevelin’s son discovered that thieves had ransacked the house, leaving water to run and pool in the basement, and possibly making off with money, traveler’s checks, and Hevelin’s pulp collection, which may show up on the black market or at used book dealers.

Addition: According to File 770, the Hevelin collection had been sent to University of Iowa prior to the break-in.

Hevelin Collection to Iowa

The University of Iowa Library has announced the donation of Rusty Hevelin’s collection of pulp magazines, fanzines, and science fiction books. Hevelin began collecting pulps in 1930 and his collection includes acquisitions up until his death in 2011. Iowa’s collection already includes the Horvat Collection of Science Fiction Fanzines, the Ming Wathne Fanzine Archive Collection, and a growing body of materials resulting from the Fan Culture Preservation Project.

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Munsey Award Renamed

Pulpfest has renamed the Munsey Award. The Munsey, previously named for nineteenth century publisher Frank Munsey, has been presented for efforts and ongoing involvement in the improvement, elevation, and continuance of keeping the pulps alive and well. In the future, the Award will be known as the Rusty Hevelin Service Award, after the fan who helped found Pulpfest, and who died in December. The first Rusty Hevelin Service Award will be presented at this year’s Pulpfest in Columbus, Ohio on the weekend of August 9.

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Obituary: Rusty Hevelin

Fan James “Rusty” Hevelin (b.1922) died on December 27. Hevelin became active in fandom in the 1930s, publishing the apazine H-1661. He attended Denvention 1 before joining the army and serving in the South Pacific during World War II. Returning to fandom, Hevelin became a huckster and frequent con attendee, serving as a guest of honor at numerous cons, including Denvention 2, the 1981 Worldcon. He received the First Fandom Sam Mosckowitz Archive Award for collections and the Big Heart Award. Hevelin was a founder of Pulpcon.

Hevelin in Hospice

Rusty Hevelin has entered end-of-life hospice care at the VA Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. His health has been in poor condition and last week reports emerged that Hevelin had lost all circulation to his legs. Hevelin is a long-time convention attendee and dealer. Hevelin became active in fandom in the 1930s and was the Fan Guest of Honor at Denvention 2 in 1981. Messages for Rusty can be left at Lorena Haldeman’s blog.