Stamp Sets Out-of-This-World Record

A 1991 US Postal stamp depicting Pluto with the caption “Unexplored” has been identified by Guinness World Records as the stamp which has traveled the furthest. The stamp was placed on board the New Horizon space craft and has flown more than 5.25 billion kilometers. The stamp continues to accrue mileage as it continues on its journey to 2014 MU69, 1.6 billion kilometers beyond Pluto.
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Star Trek Stamps

The United States Post Office has announced that they will release a series of four stamps to mark the 50th anniversary of the debut of the original Star Trek television series. The designs show the starship Enterprise within the Starfleet insignia, the silhouette of a crewman caught in a transporter beam, the Enterprise shown from above, and the Vulcan hand salute often used by one of the show’s leading characters, Mr. Spock, framing a view of the Enterprise in orbit around a planet.

Several stamps with space themes, including a series commemorating the exploration of Pluto, a series focusing on the other 8 planets in the solar system, and a stamp with an image of the moon will also be issued in 2016.

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