Silver Resigns from ISFiC Press

Steven H Silver has announced his resignation as the publisher and editor of ISFiC Press. Silver helped found the press in 2004 and has overseen most aspects of it from production to fulfillment since 2003. Silver will work with ISFiC, the Press’s parent corporation, to develop a transition plan to make sure fulfillment and production continue. Under Silver’s guidance, ISFiC Press published 12 books, included Aurora winner Relativity, by Robert J. Sawyer and Hugo nominee Worldcon Guest of Honor Speeches, edited by Joe Siclari and Mike Resnick. ISFiC Press’s most recent books are Win Some, Lose Some: The Complete Hugo Award Winning (and Nominated) Short Science Fiction and Fantasy of Mike Resnick and Velveteen vs. The Junior Super Patriots, by Seanan McGuire.

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Chicon III Exhibit

Northern Illinois University is currently hosting an exhibit of books, papers, and other memorabilia associated with Chicon III, the 20th World Science Fiction Convention. The exhibit was curated by Lynne M. Thomas and Guest Curator Steven H Silver and assistance from Michael D. Thomas. The physical exhibit is located the the NIU Library, although a portion of the exhibit has been made available on-line.

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News Blackout Apology

I apologize to all those who come to this site looking for news for now having anything up in a timely manner for the past week. Unfortunately, as I was vice-chairing Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention, I didn’t have the time (or, frankly, the internet access) to make my usual updates. I will be trying to post news from the last week from Worldcon, Dragon*Con, PAX, and other sources over the next day or two. My apologies for any inconvenience. -Steven H Silver

Paint, Pen, and Pixel Call for Art

Christopher J Garcia and Steven H Silver have announced a new fanzine, Paint, Pen, and Pixel to showcase the excellent artwork done by fan artists. They are asking for fan artists to send us a piece of original, unpublished artwork to be included, along with contact information. The fanzine will be in an electronic format and either horizontal or vertical artwork is welcome. The submission deadline is February 15 with the goal of publishing the fanzine on March 1.

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