Obituary: Bob Holiday

Actor Bob Holiday (b.1932) died on January 27. Holiday’s career didn’t last long, debuting on Broadway in 1959 in Fiorello!. His only other role was creating the dual role of Superman and Clark Kent in the 1966 musical It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman, which only ran for three months, although he continued to play the role in touring companies until he retired and entered the building industry.

Obituary: Noel Neill

Actress Noel Neill (b.1920) died on July 3. Neill’s most famous role was as reporter Lois Lane in The Adventures of Superman. She retired from acting when the show went off the air, but appeared as Lois Lane’s mother in the film Superman, as well as bit roles in the television series Superboy and the film Superman Returns. She also played Aunt Lois in Surge of Power.

Obituary: Jack Larson

Actor Jack Larson (b.1928) died on September 20. Larson portrayed Jimmy Olson in the 1950s Adventures of Superman opposite George Reeves. He also played an older Jimmy Olson in an episode of Lois and Clark and appeared on Superboy and in the film Superman Returns.


While fixing up a house he purchased in Elbow Lake, MN for $10,000, David Gonzalez ripped out a wall and discovered an original copy of Action #1, which introduced Superman being used for insulation. Although its condition has been ranked at only 1.5 on a 10 point scale, the comic has already achieved a bid of $127,000 with 19 more days to go before the auction ends. While most known issues of Action #1 have changed hands many times, this issue has not, which adds to its mystique. The auction ends on June 11.
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Superman on Hold

DC has announced that it will put the Orson Scott Card penned digital Superman reboot on hold after illustrator Chris Sprouse resigned from the project. DC has come under attack for the project by fans who disagreed with Card’s publicly stated position on homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Sprouse has chosen to resign because he felt that the controversy “took away from the actual work, and that’s something [he] wasn’t comfortable with.”

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DC Retains Superman Rights

A Federal Court ruled that Joe Shuster’s heirs do not have the right to reclaim copyright on Superman, a character co-created by Shuster and Jerry Siegel. The judge noted that a 1992 agreement to receive annual payments from DC Comics in exchange for all rights to the character made by Shuster’s sister superseded the Shuster heirs’ claim under “termination rights” in U.S. copyright law. In 2008, Siegel’s widow was able to successfully reclaim some of the copyright.

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Smallville Superfest

The city of Plano, Illinois will be hosting Smallville Superfest, a celebration of Superman and the city’s role in next summer’s film Man of Steel from August 17-19. The event will include carnival activities, bands, and food.

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Lois Lane in Metropolis

The city of Metropolis, Illinois, which is already home to a statue of Superman, unveiled a statue of Lois Lane, created in the likeness of actress Noel Neill, who portrayed Lane in the 1950s The Adventures of Superman. Neill attended the statue’s unveiling on June 11 at the Superman Festival.

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Looking For a Few Super Men

The city of Metropolis, Illinois, which has been holding a Superman Festival for more than thirty years, has announced plans to swear in honorary citizens at this year’s festival, scheduled to run from June 11 through 14. The town is offering the chance to assume the Superman stance and swear to pledge themselves for “truth, justice, and the American way.” In return, they will be declared honorary citizens of Metropolis.

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Obituary: Joan Alexander

Actress Joan Alexander (b.1918) (also known as Joan A. Stanton died on May 21. Born Louise Abrasse, Alexander played the role of Lois Lane on the “Superman” radio series, opposite Bud Collyer. She continued to voice Lane’s characters in projects through 1968. Alexander also appeared on the television show Captain Video and His Video Rangers.