Unpublished Pratchett Novels Destroyed

Following Terry Pratchett’s instructions, a stream roller was used to crush a hard drive containing up to ten unpublished (and incomplete) novels the author wrote before his death from Alzheimer’s. The hard drive survived being crushed under a 6½ ton steam roller so a concrete crusher was used to finish the job. The remains of the drive will be on display at the Salisbury Museum as part of the exhibit “Terry Pratchett: His World Exhibition,” which opens on September 16.
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Pratchett Statue for Salisbury

A proposal for a statue of Terry Pratchett to be erected in Salisbury has gained momentum after the city council gave its backing. Salisbury resident and designer Emily Brand started a petition, which has more than 9,000 signatures, to promote the idea, which has the backing of Pratchett’s family, and artist Paul Kidby, who created the cover art for many Discworld projects, would design the statue.

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Petition to Name New Element

A petition on Change.org has been created asking IUPUI, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to name element 117, currently called Ununseptium “Octarine” in honor of the late Sir Terry Pratchett.

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Pratchett Cancels Appearance

Terry Pratchett has cancelled his appearance at this summer’s International Discworld Convention in Manchester. Pratchett blames his cancellation on “the Embuggerance,” his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s Disease. According to Pratchett, “this is the first time ever that I have been unable to attend a UK convention and I really am very sorry.” His business manager, Rob Wilkins, will be bringing Pratchett’s trademark black hat to represent him at the con.

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Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Award

Sir Terry Pratchett received the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse for his novel Snuff. The Wodehouse Award is presented to a novel which “summons up the spirit”of British author P. G. Wodehouse. The prize consists of a Gloucestershire Spotted Pig named after the winning novel.

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Pratchett at National Press Club

Sir Terry Pratchett will speak at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on October 14 as part of the book launch for his Discworld novel Snuff. The event is sponsored by the Club’s Book & Author Committee and a limited number of tickets are available.

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Anywhere But Here, Anywhen But Now Winners

Terry Pratchett has announced the winners of the first Anywhere But Here, Anywhen But Now writing contest. Two works, David Logan’s Half Sick of Shadow and Michael Logan’s Apocalypse Cow will receive a publishing contract from Transworld and will split the £20,000 prize. The two winners are not related.

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Terry Pratchett Anywhere but Here, Anywhen but Now First Novel Prize Short List

The short list for Terry Pratchett’s Anywhere but Here, Anywhen but Now First Novel Prize has been announced. The winner will receive a £20,000 advance on a publishing contract. The winner will be announced on May 31.

  • Postponing Armageddon, by Adele Abbott
  • The Platinum Ticket, by Dave Beynon
  • Half Sick of Shadows, by David Logan
  • Apocalypse Cow, by Michael Logan
  • Lun, by Andrew Salomon
  • The Coven at Callington, by Shereen Vedam

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Sir Terry: Now Armed

The College of Arms has granted Sir Terry Pratchett a coat of arms, described as the Arms are blazoned: Sable an ankh between four Roundels in saltire each issuing Argent. The Crest is Upon a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Sable On Water Barry wavy Sable Argent and Sable an Owl affronty wings displayed and inverted Or supporting thereby two closed Books erect Gules. The arms and crest work in the name of the main city of Discworld as a Morpork is a type of owl.

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World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement

Three authors have been named as recipients of the World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award for 2010. The Awards will be presented on October 31 in Columbus, Ohio at the World Fantasy Con Banquet. The three winners are Brian Lumley, Terry Pratchett, and Peter Straub.

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