Shex’pir In DC

The Washington Shakespeare Company will be performing excerpts from the Shex’pir plays Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing in the original Klingon. Actors will be speaking lines in both Klingon and English for the company’s annual benefit on September 25 at the Rosslyn Spectrum in Arlington, Virginia. George Takei is scheduled to make a guest appearance at the event. Tickets begin at $150.

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Murray Leinster to Be Honored

The Virginia State Legistlature has passed a resolution making June 27, 2009 Will F. Jenkins Day. Jenkins wrote under a variety of pseudonyms, most notably “Murray Leinster.” His science fiction stories include “A Logic Named Joe” and “The Runaway Skyscraper.” Jenkins won the Hugo for “Exploration Team” and the Retro-Hugo for “First Contact.” The Sidewise Award for Alternate History was named for his short story “Sidewise in Time.” Jenkins’s family is planning a ceremony for that date.