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Veiled Alliances Veiled Alliances by Kevin J. Anderson
reviewed by Trent Walters
His Saga of Seven Suns is a monument of epic science-fictional imagination, of galactic politics fluctuating allegiances between humans, aliens (some extinct, some formerly extinct, and some who will be), and "abandoned" robots -- a monument so grand that it took seven books to bridge them. Now in Veiled Alliances, he has returned to his saga to tell of its origins in preparation for a new series that picks up where the last left off.

Landscapes Landscapes by Kevin J. Anderson
reviewed by Kilian Melloy
His novels tend to run to the thick side, with the Dune novels he co-writes with Brian Herbert, son of Frank Herbert, consistently reaching the 700 page mark. But he also finds time to tell shorter stories, and this collection brings together some two-dozen of his forays into the speculative. It is divided into three sections, "Science Fiction," "Fantasy," and "The Great Outdoors."

Horizon Storms Horizon Storms by Kevin J. Anderson
reviewed by Susan Dunman
As the third book in this series unfolds, it seems that confrontations between the mysterious, gas-planet Hydrogues and the equally astounding, sun-dwelling Faeros are nothing new. A resumption of their hostilities brings great concern to Jora'h, the new Ildiran Mage-Imperator, as he prepares to establish his control of the empire and his people's theism, a racial collective consciousness that gives the ruler awareness and control over his subjects.

A Forest of Stars A Forest of Stars by Kevin J. Anderson
reviewed by Susan Dunman
Reynold will soon become the next Father of Theroc, ruling a verdant green world which moves to the slow tropical rhythm of the worldforest. Here, giant sentient trees live in harmony with humans and form symbiotic bonds with selected individuals. These hairless, emerald-skinned green priests communicate telepathically with worldforest trees planted on colony worlds across the Spiral Arm. The galaxy-spanning network of trees and green priests provides instantaneous communication throughout Earth's growing empire, but the trees are beginning to express feelings of foreboding to their human assistants.

Dogged Persistence Dogged Persistence by Kevin J. Anderson
reviewed by Steven H Silver
The author plays with ideas in the stories collected here. While some of the ideas may seem clichéd, he manages to bring a fresh perspective to the concepts and present them in a new way. These ideas run the gamut from interstellar travel and cloning to time travel and ghost stories. He shows a skill in selecting the appropriate setting and genre for the ideas he wants to explore.

Resurrection, Inc. Resurrection, Inc. by Kevin J. Anderson
reviewed by Lisa DuMond
Sometime in the future, a man will decide that robots are never really going to work -- too expensive, not lifelike enough, tough to maintain. Instead, why not use a relatively inexpensive product that is constantly renewing itself? No need to let all those corpses go to waste! Stick a few replacement parts in them, wipe all those inconvenient memories, and there you have it: the perfect Servant. Sounds like a lovely luxury for the Servants' owners, but what if you are the stiff?

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