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Balefires Balefires by David Drake
reviewed by Mario Guslandi
This book collects a bunch of stories previously published in various magazines and anthologies between 1967 and 2004, displaying the many faces of a literary chameleon able to easily jump from a genre to the other. Predictably, the book includes such a variety of themes, styles and atmospheres to constitute an interesting showcase of the author's fictional work but also a tour de force for the average reader with well defined literary preferences.

The Far Side of the Stars The Far Side of the Stars by David Drake
reviewed by Peter D. Tillman
This is the third in the author's RCN series, light space opera books starring Lt. Daniel Leary, a young starship captain in the Republic of Cinnabar Navy, and his faithful and deadly Signal Officer Adele Mundy. The RCN series is his SF tribute to Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin Master & Commander series -- itself a knockoff of Forester's Hornblower stories.

Mistress of the Catacombs Mistress of the Catacombs by David Drake
reviewed by Cindy Lynn Speer
Prince Garric of the Isles has growing concerns over the Moon Wisdom cult that has recently sprung up. His concerns increase when one of his spies, who after meeting with the cult is constantly tortured by evil dreams, disappears before his eyes. The Intercessor of Laut requests an audience, and Prince Garric chooses the neutral ground of a garden bridge. The Intercessor is actually a wizard, who tricks Garric into looking into the pond. He topples into the water, and his long time friend, Cashel, dives in after him.

With The Lightnings With The Lightnings by David Drake
reviewed by Donna McMahon
Our hero, Lieutenant Daniel Leary, walks around the streets of Kostroma City, pausing to think about his entire life, remember every detail of the space navy's armaments, and contemplate the history and politics of the galaxy for the last five decades. Meanwhile, our heroine, librarian Adele Mundy, builds bookshelves and sorts old books while contemplating her own tragic past. It isn't until things begin rolling with a political double-cross and civil uprising that the book becomes interesting.

With the Lightnings With the Lightnings by David Drake
reviewed by Peter D. Tillman
A more descriptive title might be "The Lieutenant & the Librarian." Lt. Daniel Leary is a supernumerary diplomat and Adele Mundy, the Electoral Librarian, is the lone survivor of her family's political massacre on the planet Cinnabar. Leisurely at the beginning, once a coup unfolds, the action becomes fast and furious -- as well as clever and fun.

Queen of Demons Queen of Demons by David Drake
reviewed by Victoria Strauss
What lifts this novel and before it, Lord of the Isles, well beyond the ordinary run of epic fantasy is the outstanding world-building. It's rare to read books that evoke a period and a culture as vigorously as is done for Drake's imaginary realm of the Isles. He's built a fictive society as vivid, consistent, and believable as any real one.

Lord of the Isles Lord of the Isles by David Drake
reviewed by Alex Anderson
Is David Drake cashing in on the fantasy quest epic? Not according to Alex. It is something we haven't seen in the genre since Stephen Donaldson's epic saga.

Patriots Patriots by David Drake
reviewed by Thomas Myer
When Thomas received his copy, he had to read the opening scene six times. Not because it was bad writing, or a complex scene. Nope. This novel does not start with a platoon of 200-ton tanks rushing the berms on some distant hellhole planet, nor does it open with a withering artillery barrage. And Thomas has come to expect that from Drake.

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