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Hell House Hell House by Richard Matheson
an audiobook review by Gil T. Wilson
A very rich man on the edge of life wants to find if there is life after death. The perfect place to prove this is the notorious Belasco House, known as Hell House. Two different groups of people have visited Hell House before to explore the haunting and only one person has survived. The house's original owner, Emeric Belasco, was know to throw parties in which all party-goers reveled in evil. All manner of sin is said to have occurred and many people died in the house during these parties. Belasco's body was never found and his evil is said to destroy all who enter the house.

Collected Stories, Vol.3 Collected Stories, Vol.3 by Richard Matheson
reviewed by Mario Guslandi
Originally part of a huge volume of collected stories published in 1989, the present book includes some ageless classics as 'Duel' and ' Nightmare at 20,000 Feet' -- too widely known to require any further comment -- as well as a number of less famous stories so fresh and entertaining that they give the impression of having been written only yesterday.

Earthbound Earthbound by Richard Matheson
reviewed by Kit O'Connell
David Cooper, with his wife Ellen, have come to an isolated seaside cottage near the one where they spent their honeymoon; they hope to repair the damage done to their marriage by David's recent infidelities. Almost immediately, things start going wrong on their vacation as David discovers that the dilapidated cottage is haunted by the spirit of Marianna, a dead girl whose evil, lust-filled ways have doomed her to becoming trapped on earth and confined to the house where she sinned.

The Shrinking Man The Shrinking Man by Richard Matheson
reviewed by Sam Ashurst
After two encounters with radiation combine to create a freak reaction in his body, Scott Carey begins to shrink. Stuck in a cellar, fighting off an ever growing spider, Carey remembers his life before, and during, the change, discovering that he has many regrets.

Duel Duel by Richard Matheson
reviewed by Alma A. Hromic
Steven Spielberg based Duel, his very first movie and the one that launched a glittering career, on the title story of this collection. Three of the stories in the collection were the basis of The Twilight Zone episodes, back when Rod Serling was still running the show. Stephen King states that Matheson was one of his most fundamental influences. With a bunch of iconic references like that, you know you have a classic collection in your hands.

I Am Legend I Am Legend by Richard Matheson
reviewed by Lisa DuMond
This sink-your-teeth-in vampire masterpiece will change the way you look at yourself and the amalgam of the world around you right now. Robert Neville has a rough life, working day and night. While the sun shines he slaves away, killing off the competition... one vampire at a time. His methods are simple and direct. Kill as many as humanly possible. Kill them -- kill them again, that is, and make sure they don't come back this time.

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