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Elfhome Elfhome by Wen Spencer
reviewed by Sandra Scholes
Most of Baen's novels are either fantasy or science-fiction based, so finding one that encapsulates both is a real find in the true sense of the word. Tinker is the protagonist in this story, and was once a human. She somehow got to be made into the elf princess of Elfhome. Their realm just happens to be within Pittsburgh, a huge city with sixty thousand humans where elves are in the minority, hoping to live through a war that is coming. Winter is also on its way.

Tinker Tinker by Wen Spencer
reviewed by Peter D. Tillman
Circa 2050, Pittsburgh has been transported to Elfhome, as a side-effect of the startup of a new Chinese orbital interdimensional gate. Tinker, just turned 18, owns the junkyard, and is a full-fledged Grrl Genius to boot, with a mouth (and steel-toe boots) to match. Oh, and Tink's Dad, the gate's inventor, died 10 years before she was born...

Dog Warrior Dog Warrior by Wen Spencer
reviewed by Charlene Brusso
The story takes off like a rocket from the very first page when, enroute to Cape Cod for some nefarious business, Atticus Steele and his partner and lover Ru (Hikaru Takahashi), discover a dead body hidden in the trunk of a suspicious car at a rest area on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Actually, Atticus sniffs out the body. Literally.

Bitter Waters Bitter Waters by Wen Spencer
reviewed by Donna McMahon
Donna keeps expecting this author to knock her socks off. So, when she encountered the third installment in her Ukiah Oregon series her socks were already loose with anticipation, but once again the novel didn't quite make it for her.

Tainted Trail Tainted Trail by Wen Spencer
reviewed by Victoria Strauss
The 2nd in the Ukiah Oregon series finds expert tracker and PI Ukiah Oregon and his partner, Max Bennet, on the trail of Alicia Kraynak who has vanished from her campsite. Utilizing Ukiah's almost supernatural tracking abilities (the product of his mostly-alien genetics), they discover that she has been kidnapped. Disturbingly, though, Alicia's disappearance may be linked to a larger pattern of deaths and vanishings -- far too many to be normal in this rural part of Oregon.

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