Sean Russell is the author of the recently released title The Shadow Road. It is Book Three of The Swans' War trilogy that is published by HarperCollins EOS in North America and by Orbit in the United Kingdom.

His web site features personal observations on writing this book and the others in his Bibliography. It includes The Thief-Taker, co-written with Ian Dennis, the first in a new mystery series called Memoirs of a Bow Street Runner published under their pen name, T.F. Banks. The second book, The Emperor's Assassin, has been released in the summer of 2003.

You can find how his interest in spelunking influenced the setting he employs in his duology The River into Darkness (comprised of Beneath the Vaulted Hills and The Compass of the Soul) and how he combined his interest in Charles Darwin and a passionate love of sailing in his two-book series Moontide and Magic Rise (made up of World Without End and Sea Without a Shore). Or perhaps you are interested in the Tale of Genji, the old Samurai epics, and T'ang dynasty poetry, then you can read about their influence in his earliest books, The Initiate Brother and Gatherer of Clouds.

This and many other interests are spelled out in more detail in his Biography. About Sean Russell, the author of Thomas The Covenant series, Stephen R. Donaldson, has said, "[he] has proven himself a master of intelligent fantasy -- subtle, exciting, well-crafted." Many others hold his work in equally high regard. You can read their words on the Reviews page and on each of the book pages in the Bibliography.


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