Harry Turtledove

The War That Came Early

This series presents a time line in which War War II began about a year earlier than in our own timeline and none of the nations involved were as prepared for the war.

  • Hitler's War, Del Rey 8/09 Buy from Amazon Books Buy from Amazon Books
  • West and East, Del Rey 7/10 Buy from Amazon Books Buy from Amazon Books
  • The Big Switch, Del Rey 7/11 Buy from Amazon Books  
  • Cout D'Etat, Del Rey, 8/12 Buy from Amazon Books  
  • Two Fronts, Del Rey, 7/13 Buy from Amazon Books
  • Last Orders, Del Rey, 7/14 Buy from Amazon Books

Cover Gallery

Hitler's War The Big Switch
Hitler's War
Del Rey, 2009
West and East
Del Rey, 2010
The Big Switch
Del Rey, 2011
Coup d'Etat Two Fronts Last Orders
Coup d'Etat
Del Rey, 2012
Two Fronts
Del Rey, 2013
Last Orders
Del Rey, 2014

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