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Night Broken
Patricia Briggs
Ace, 352 pages

Night Broken
Patricia Briggs
Patricia Briggs is a #1 New York Times bestselling author who has written more than a dozen novels, including the first three books in her hit series about Mercedes "Mercy" Thompson, a VW mechanic who also happens to be a shapeshifter in touch with the strange, unseen world of vampires, werewolves, ancient fae, and other mystical creatures. Briggs lives in Washington.

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A review by Katherine Petersen

Mercy Thompson, one of urban fantasy's best-loved heroines, has her hands full in Night Broken, the 8th installment in Patricia Briggs' popular series. Adam's ex-wife, Christy, turns to Adam for help from a dangerous boyfriend. So, Mercy is forced to accept her nemesis into her home, and added to this problem, is that much of the pack is still loyal to Christy. Christy, it seems, always wants to make a play to get Adam back, but Mercy won't go down without a fight. But she has an even larger battle to face as it turns out that Christy's boyfriend isn't even human, but an evil villain the likes of which Mercy and the pack have never faced. Throw in a fae who wants back the walking stick that has followed Mercy around for so long, and Coyote whom Mercy must try to track down in order to retrieve the walking stick, and you've got an idea of what our favorite coyote shifter has to deal with in this tale.

Briggs tells a tightly-woven story in Night Broken although I have to admit there are quite a few threads here. While she managed to keep all the balls in the air, I tend to prefer a book that has a bit less going on and can get more into depth for each storyline. Briggs does a nice job of bringing pack relationships to life with half the pack siding with Christy and half, including one surprising one, siding with Mercy and recognizing Christy's manipulative games for what they are. Adam is put in the toughest position as his alpha position makes him feel a need to protect both women.

Briggs introduces a new supporting character in Gary Laughing Dog, a sort-of half-brother to Mercy. We also get to know Coyote a bit more, and it will be interesting to see how he fits into the whole scheme.

Night Broken moves at a blistering pace, moving from action-packed scene to action-packed scene with Briggs' traditional strong writing and knack for dialogue. My one quibble is the ending of the book. It seems to end in the middle of a chapter. Briggs normally ties up her endings fairly neatly, but there is usually more closure than in this book which ends abruptly.

Copyright © 2014 Katherine Petersen

Katherine Petersen started reading as a young child and hasn't stopped. She still thinks she can read all the books she wants, but might, at some point, realize the impossibility of this mission. While she enjoys other genres, she thrives on fantasy, science fiction and mysteries.

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