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No Mercy: A Dark Hunter Novel, Book 19
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Narrated by Holter Graham, unabridged
Macmillan Audio, 8.5 hours

No Mercy
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sherrilyn Kenyon is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of several series, including the Bureau of American Defense novels (Born to be BAD, BAD Attitude, Phantom in the Night, Whispered Lies, and Silent Truth). She lives with her family near Nashville, TN.

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A review by Julie Moncton

First there was Romeo and Juliet, and more recently Edward and Bella -- couples who fall in love, but whose love is forbidden.  Now there is Samia Savage and Devereaux Peltier. In a previous life, Samia was Queen of the Amazons.  But after seeing her family brutally murdered by her power-hungry sister, Samia surrenders her soul to the goddess Artemis and joins the ranks of the Dark Hunters, immortal warriors who hunt and kill Daemons to protect human kind.  As a Dark Hunter, Sam hones her Amazon battle skills and gains some supernatural powers that make her the most ruthless and elite of the Dark Hunter Dogs of War.  

However, part of the price of her immortality is to forswear loving another.  Devereaux Peltier is a Were Bear Shapeshifter and bouncer of Sanctuary, a New Orleans haven for Immortals.  The Weres have a policy of not fraternizing with the Dark Hunters, so when Dev first lays eyes on Sam, as attractive as she is, he knows to stay clear of her.  But a new danger has arrived in New Orleans and even the immortal Dark Hunters are no longer invincible.  Dev is assigned the role of Sam's bodyguard and with the close contact and presence of imminent danger, sparks begin to fly.  

No Mercy is the nineteenth and newest release of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter paranormal series.  If you have never read any of Kenyon's best selling books, then imagine taking ancient Greek history, Greek and Roman mythology, and a cast of supernatural heroes pitted against an unending supply of paranormal villains, and blending them together in a modern day setting.  Add a large dose of spine tingling erotic romance and fast-paced action and you have a unique series of books that tops the best-seller lists almost as soon as they release.  

Although No Mercy is the nineteenth book in this series, it is not necessary to read the previous eighteen -- the plot definitely stands on its own.  The book gives a good overview of the history of the different characters, but if this is your first Dark Hunters book, you will find yourself wanting to learn a bit more of the back story and the secrets behind Kenyon's imaginative and magical world.  You will definitely be tempted to either pick up some of the previous titles -- or at least browse the web for additional information.

If you like Greek mythology and legend woven into a tale filled with intense action, then you will enjoy this book.  I found the history of the Dark Hunters and the roles of the Greek gods fascinating.  Kenyon intersperses her adventure with some very funny one-liners that provide comic relief throughout the story.  One of my favorites is when Kenyon describes an infrequent event as "…something that happened about as often as a Mac product going on sale."  Definitely some laugh-out-loud moments.  For romance fans, as the novel progresses and Dev and Samia spend more time together, the sparks definitely fly and the sexual tension becomes intense.  

The audiobook is expertly performed by veteran narrator Holter Graham.  His rendition of Dev's Cajun-accented macho bad-boy voice was perfect.  He performs the different character voices seamlessly and I found it easy to forget that I was listening to a single voice.  It's definitely a worthwhile performance to sit back and enjoy. Although I am sure many readers might be able to guess what the outcome will be of Dev and Sam's forbidden romance, the journey is a wild and fun ride and worth the listen.

Copyright © 2011 Julie Moncton

Julie Moncton is one of the owners of an audio book store in San Jose, California -- a good thing since it keeps her well stocked in books to both read and listen to. You can see what books are on her shelf (or iPod) on her goodreads page.

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