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The Silver Spoon
Stacey Klemstein
Runestone Publishing, 281 pages

The Silver Spoon
Stacey Klemstein
Stacey Klemstein graduated from Valparaiso University in 1997 with a degree in English. Since graduation, she has worked as a writer and project manager for a variety of Fortune 500 companies, both as an employee and a consultant.

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A review by Alisa McCune

No one knows when the Observers originally arrived on Earth, but their unveiling was an event not to be forgotten. Somewhere in the world, nuclear warheads were launched, escalating into war. Everyone was glued to the television with announcers giving us 20 minutes until the end of the world. Then they appeared on TV with an offer no one would refuse -- "We will save Earth from destruction if you allow us to study mankind." The Observers got what they requested with no resistance.

Zara Mitchell is just a small town owner of a diner trying to make ends meet. After her parents died, she was forced to support her younger brother. When the Observers first appeared on TV that fateful day, Zara's life became a nightmare. She began sleepwalking with horrid nightmares. Zara is convinced the Observers have nefarious designs on humanity, but no proof. Everyone in the small town Zara lives is convinced she is crazy.

Life is just beginning to get easier. Zara is finally able to move on -- an application to the local community college awaits her at home, the diner has enough staff to allow her some free-time, and her brother is currently in college. Then in walks an Observer, a silvery eyed alien. Everything in Zara's life changes once again.

The Observer, Caelan is convinced Zara is the fulfillment of a prophecy and he will do anything to gain her compliance. Zara is very confused. She doesn't know if she can trust Caelan. Everything in her life has been destroyed in some way by the Observers. How can she trust a being whose existence caused her so much pain? Why is another Observer trying to kill her?

Thus begins The Silver Spoon by local Chicago author Stacey Klemstein. The storyline slowly evolves with a mystery woven into the story that has some unanticipated twists and turns. Klemstein sets a pace that allows the reader to become involved in the storyline. Caelan and Zara are very likable characters who have many layers to their personalities. Zara has a wonderful sense of humor that comes out in her dialogue. While it would be easy to classify The Silver Spoon as a romance, which would vastly underrate the book. The book has a romance element, but it is more of an entertaining science fiction adventure.

Copyright © 2005 Alisa McCune

Alisa discovered science fiction at the tender age of eight. She devoured The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and never looked back. She lives in Chicago with her husband, cat, and 5000 books. For more information please visit her website at

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