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Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Abyss
Troy Denning
Lucas Books, Del Rey, 317 pages

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Abyss
Troy Denning
Troy Denning graduated from Beloit College with BAs in Sociology and English Composition. He started working as an editor in the adventure gaming industry then moved into the design department. Over the next ten years he served as a creative supervisor for several game companies (TSR, Pacesetter, and Mayfair), and designed more than two dozen game titles including the Dark Sun role-playing world (with Tim Brown). His first book was the New York Times bestseller Waterdeep, written under the pseudonym Richard Awlinson.

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A review by David Maddox

Fear in the Galactic Alliance is building. Fear of the Jedi. Head of State Daala is convinced that the strange rash of madness that seems to be infecting young Jedi Knights can only be cured by locking up those stricken. With Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker still in exile, Leia and Han Solo on the opposite side of the law, who can save the galaxy?

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Abyss, the third installment in Lucas Books' new Star Wars Expanded Universe series continues the exploits of the core SW characters as they struggle to unravel this ethereal menace that is attacking them from all sides.

Luke and his son Ben manage to navigate the gravitational forces of the Maw, a collection of black holes in the center of the SW galaxy and discover an old abandoned space station, very similar to the destroyed Centerpoint Station from the Corellian Sector. Dark, creepy, empty space wrecks are perfect stages for exploits into the abyss, if you will.

Back on Coruscant, Leia and Han continue to butt heads with Chief of State Daala as the Jedi have more and more restrictions forced upon them by the new government. The tabloid journalists continue to hound Jaina Solo and her love interest, while Leia stumbles across what is actually happening to the sick Jedi who have been encased in carbonite for the planet's 'protection.' This is coupled with a rash of Padawans who have decided to leave the Order because they're not comfortable with the direction the law and the Order itself seem to be deviating.

Much like the previous books, the Abyss of the title holds some double meaning, covering not only the sinking feeling the Jedi and GA feel as events continue to spiral out of control, but a more real state of being the Luke and Ben Skywalker must venture into in hopes of finding some clue to Jacen's downfall.

Within the dark, creepy remains of the station, they discover the still living husks of former Jedi and others who have become Mind Walkers, entering the Abyss, an area where they have no cares of the Light or the Dark Side of the Force and transcend their bodies and be one with the pure embodiment of the Force. This seductive and intoxicating state of being is said to be enlightening, but just as much potentially fatal. As Luke attempts to venture beyond the Veil, the reader is treated to a surprise guest visit from several Expanded Universe characters long gone, as Yoda would say.

During all of this, the Sith strike squad from the lost vessel Omen have become bent on exterminating the Skywalkers. A nexus of Dark Side energy unprecedented in power and hunger leading them to an inevitable confrontation between opposing wielders of the Force that could rival or even surpass the Darkness Darth Caedus brought onto the Universe.

Troy Denning does well in mixing the right amount of action, suspense and intrigue that he has become known for in his Star Wars writing. The adventure and interplay with the characters is still strong, but the light-heartened moments are becoming few and far between. With six books left to go in the series, the reader can assume things will definitely start getting darker and darker as the reason for the Jedi sickness becomes clear.

Copyright © 2010 David Maddox

David Maddox
Science fiction enthusiast David Maddox has been many things, including Star Trek characters and the Riddler in a Batman stunt show. He holds a degree in Cinema from San Francisco State University, and has written several articles for various SF sites as well as the Star Wars Insider and the Star Trek Communicator. He spends his time working on screenplays and stories while acting on stage, screen and television. He can sometimes be seen giving tours at Universal Studios Hollywood and occasionally playing Norman Bates. Really.

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