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Oath of Fealty
Elizabeth Moon
Del Rey, 496 pages

Elizabeth Moon
Elizabeth Moon grew up in south Texas, 250 miles south of San Antonio and eight miles from the Mexican border. She attended Rice University and joined the US Marines in 1968. With a second degree in biology, she entertained thoughts about going to med school after her husband, but circumstances intervened.

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A review by Michelle Enzinas

Oath of Fealty Oath of Fealty is the follow-up to The Deed of Paksenarrion. This book slightly overlaps the ending of  Deed but Elizabeth Moon explores what happens to the other prominent characters in the book aside from Paks.

  Duke Keri Phelan becomes King of Lyonya, working through the human and Elvin customs in a unique Kingdom to finally rule jointly with his Elvin Grandmother Flessinathlin. Captain Dorrin Verraki is drawn into her corrupt family's dark legacy, after the Verrakai attack on Keri's royal progress in Deed is considered treason by Tasia's Crown Prince Mikeli.  Keri's holdings are reassigned to Captain Jandelir Arcolin, and his former soldiers are put to work. Moon uses the soldier's progress through the Southern lands to explore what would happen to the common people, like farmers, years of war, how war impacts trade, politics, and produces hardships. Magic, and good versus evil, play the role of emotional motivator, and flavor the actions of the characters.  Overall this book explores the need for change, and how hard change can be. Paks plays only a minor role in this book.

  This book is not an epic tale, it is more of a character exposition. If one has not read Deed, this book might not hold your interest, even with Moon's well crafted story telling style.

  I, being a huge fan, read it twice. I found the book hard to put down because of Elizabeth Moon's ability to make the story flow along, letting the characters explore themselves and the world. I like how the characters mix tactics and heart into their decision making, no matter what the enemy is to be overcome. I like the low tech, with magic, world she has created. 

  Oath of Fealty is a nice set-up for the next book(s). I look forward to see how the various Kingdoms are united, if the King of Lyonya marries, where Dorrin's new role might take her, and what is in store for Paks, in that her friends seem to pray to her for strength as much as they formerly prayed to Gird or Tir. Will she become a god?

Copyright © 2010 Michelle Enzinas

Michelle Enzinas, likes fancy hats, and the turn of a good phrase. She is a chick with a sword, but doesn't own a chain-mail bikini.

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