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Shrapnel: Hubris, Part 2
Nick Sagan and Clinnette Minnis, art by Concept Art House
Radical Books, 64 pages

Nick Sagan
Nick Sagan graduated from UCLA Film School and has written for Hollywood for ten years, creating screenplays and TV scripts. The son of astronomer Carl Sagan and artist/writer Linda Salzman, his greeting, "Hello from the children of planet Earth," was recorded and placed aboard NASA's Voyager I spacecraft, which is now the most distant human-made object in the universe. He is married and lives in Ithaca, New York.

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Past Feature Reviews
A review by Sandra Scholes

Shrapnel: Hubris, Part 2 In the previous issue, the Solar Alliance was responsible for trying to starve Venus of its essential resources. Vijaya, an ex-Marine, and Sam along with her army are resisting in the only way they know how; not ones to surrender they decide to smuggle three Crew Escape Vehicles past a blockade behind a solar storm. Colonel Rossi must be able to get her Victory with the help of a fusion magnate to keep the system's energy supply in check.

On her way to Luna, Dr. Rita Shankar goes to Tranquillity City and there she meets up with Colonel Ross, Johnny Yuen and Captain Narayan. She is the guest in an important meeting disguised as an innocent dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Shankar is on a mission, and they want her to acquire Helium 3, destroying the leftover supply for them to be able to sell the other at a premium, but getting it will be at high risk for her, so it will cost them dearly as everyone has their price.

Shrapnel: Hubris Part 2 is a fast-moving sci-fi comic that continues where the last issue left off with Dr. Shankar on her important mission. It uses its originality of science-fiction plus the deep, darkness of space in a futuristic setting to show what can happen to humanity if it fell into despondency. With everything against them, they can only turn from once loyal marines into mercenaries out for revenge as well as needing to keep the place safe from enemy resistance.

The art is created using a computer and is rendered in a style not dissimilar from speed painting that shows motion with the characters and backgrounds that speeds the story along also. It looks realistic and also painterly. Even readers who like comics the way they were done before will like this particular style, and the story has a special quality to it that makes it easy to read and full of interesting dialogue.

Copyright © 2011 Sandra Scholes

Sandra Scholes loves reading all kinds of stories and novels in her spare time -- when she gets any -- the rest of her life is taken up with writing for Quail Bell Magazine, Love Vampires, and Love Romance Passion.

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