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Kitty Takes a Holiday
Carrie Vaughn
Narrated by Marguerite Gavin, unabridged
Tantor Audio, 8.5 hours

Kitty Takes a Holiday
Carrie Vaughn
Born in January 1973, Carrie Vaughn grew up an "airforce brat" at Mather Air Force Base near Sacramento, California. A high school valedictorian, she received a BA from Occidental College in Los Angeles. After travels abroad and a range of jobs, she returned to school, obtaining a Masters in English from the University of Colorado at Boulder. A 1998 graduate of the intensive 6-week Odyssey Writing Workshop, one of the top speculative fiction writing workshops in the USA, she now lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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A review by Jennifer McCann

Kitty is back in this third installment of the highly successful Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn.  After a disastrous visit to the nation's capitol, Kitty decides to take a break from her radio show and disappears into the mountains of southern Colorado to lick her wounds.  Free from the glare of the media, Kitty tries to take a stab at writing her memoirs.  Being the first verifiable werewolf in the world has garnered Kitty more interest than she truly wants.

While resting up and getting nowhere with the book, strange objects and dead animals start appearing on Kitty's doorstep.  It seems an unknown foe is trying to drive her away from her hideout. And while all this is happening, she is obsessing about a rival radio talk show host.  What is a she-wolf to do?

One night, werewolf hunter Cormac, who is Kitty's uneasy ally, arrives with his mauled and unconscious cousin.  Ben has been attacked by a red eyed wolf-like creature and is changing.  As Kitty is the only werewolf that Cormac has allowed to live, he comes to her for help.

In trying to help Ben through his torturous change, Kitty relives her own change. Having lost her only werewolf friend and not being willing to be a submissive in a pack, Kitty has been alone.  Could Ben be her chance to have her own pack, and not be the lone wolf she has been forced to be?

With the closeness developing between Ben and Kitty, Cormac's unrequited feelings come to the surface.  But "real" men don't give in to their feelings and he still has a werewolf to hunt. The damage is coming out of someone's or something's hide for what has happened to his cousin.

Tantor's audio version of Kitty Takes a Holiday is highly energetic, fun, scary and humorous all at the same time. Having been an Air Force brat, the author brings her tough, no nonsense attitude to her character Kitty.  With over thirty short stories in science fiction and fantasy magazines, such as Weird Tales, Realms of Fantasy and Talebones, she has used her imagination to give flesh and breath to a truly entertaining protagonist.  

Marguerite Gavin brings Kitty's self-depreciating humor and irony to life.  It's no wonder that Gavin has recorded over 200 audiobooks in nearly every genre.  And having previously given voice to Kitty in Kitty and the Midnight Hour, she is well versed and immersed in the nuances that make Kitty such a fun and believable character, for which audiences continue to cheer.

Copyright © 2010 Jennifer McCann

A belly dancing, dyslexic wife and mother who in her spare time works as a library clerk. A full and rich life is lead through the books she listens to and/or reads. Dyslexics Untie!

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