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FVZA: Federal Vampire And Zombie Agency, Book 1
David Hine, illustrated by Roy Allan Martinez
Radical Comics, 64 pages

David Hine
David Hine has been working in comics since the early 80s. He is currently best known as a writer on Marvel Comics titles, like X-Men: The 198 and Civil War: X-Men. He was also the writer of Spawn for Image comics from issues # 151 to # 184. He recently wrote the Arkham Asylum one-shot for the Batman: Battle for the Cowl event.

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A review by John Enzinas

FVZA: Federal Vampire And Zombie Agency This is a short first issue so it gets a short review. Zombies and Vampires are real. There's a government department responsible for dealing with the problem in the USA (although it's not clear how it would interface with other such agencies).

We are introduced to the founder of the organization who is about to be killed, probably for vampirism, and then we flash back to get the lead up to that point.

The art is good. The Zombies are bloody and gross. The Vampires are evil and supremely powerful. No angst about being living dead, just blood and death (although with there being two new vampires, there is probably some angst coming).

If you like Zombies, Vampires, Hunters and a good eye for the horrific, this is for you.

Copyright © 2010 John Enzinas

John Enzinas reads frequently and passionately. In his spare time he plays with swords.

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